How do you feel like after getting Gynecomastia Surgery?

Gynecomastia Surgery is performed on men who are suffering from excess fat on their chest thus giving a look of a feminine breast. It’s shameful and embarrassing for most men as they find it difficult and awkward in public situations or where they are expected to lift their shirt off like while swimming or in spa treatments.

Men’s chest is expected to firm and flat to give the masculine appearance. Around 50% of the men in the world however, suffer from gynecomastia or man boobs which is the term also used to describe excess skin or fat around the male chest.

This condition can be caused during puberty when the hormonal growth in men occur and can lead to an imbalance. It can also occur during adolescent and adult phase during later years due to sedentary lifestyle, obesity, smoking or drinking, junk food, medications, stress or steroid abuse.

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Man boobs surgery is performed to treat this condition with the help of modern machines and techniques like liposuction and glandular removal. This process if performed by a well known, qualified and highly experienced doctor, deliver satisfactory results and a flat, muscular chest with definition and firmness using minimally invasive surgery with very little side effects like blood loss, nerve and tissue damage and minimal recovery period.

However, there are still post operative recovery instructions and precautions which one need to follow for a smooth recovery and transition.

There are many things which one has to take care of when recuperating from after Gynecomastia Surgery.

  • Take rest for a few days, avoid any physical exertion or travelling: – Although many clinics will claim that you can join work on the same day after the operation, it’s still advisable to take a few days off from work and give much needed rest to your body post trauma and avoid any physical activity for healing to set in and give best results.
  • Wear a compression vest:- Use a compression vest to prevent swelling and give much needed support and shape to your chest as much as possible.
  • Tissue Massage:- Opt for Tissue massage and undergo daily soft massages via hands or roller blades on your chest. If possible, take a massage twice or thrice a day but start it from third or fourth week of the operation and continue till 8-10 weeks. The massage will soften your skin and scarred tissue, level the shape and spread your chest skin evenly minimizing swelling or any lumps.
  • Maintain a healthy and active lifestyle:- Post surgery it’s advisable to maintain a healthy lifestyle, be active, avoid junk food, stress, alcohol and steroid use to keep the fat from coming back.
  • Avoid strenuous physical activity: – Post Gynecomastia Surgery you should avoid any strenuous physical activity like running, aerobics, weight lifting, or swimming etc which will cause strain on your chest. Avoid upper body exercises for 6-8 weeks and lower body strenuous exercises for upto 4 weeks of surgery.
  • Limit Fluid Intake:- Avoid excessive fluid intake for a few weeks post surgery as it can lead to swelling on your chest due to water retention thus causing complications.


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