We talk a lot about how companies operate globally and make this world a better place to work. However, while we talk about the private sector, we often forget the importance of the public sector in bridging the gap between different nations and in setting the norms for comfortable work. […]

The question about anthropotechnics involves tracing some fundamental theological discussions because in the medieval world theology was far from being a discipline like any other. On the contrary, it was always the device that catalyzed the institutionalization of the various modes of government. In this light, one should read the […]

When you’re looking for a freelance SEO, you may be wondering exactly how much this is going to cost you. As you will know SEO can be such an integral part of your marketing strategy. If you’re looking to increase your traffic, leads, or awareness, this marketing method can really […]

This is a question about PPC advertising that many people ask. “What, Exactly, Determines Your PPC Keyword Price?” Some people expect that Google or other search engines that you use have something to do with that. However, most experienced advertisers know that search engines don’t affect the keyword price.  The […]

Islam is not only a religion, it is a way of life. All the messengers of God from Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus, came with the same message, only worshiping one God. The word Muslim comes from the Arabic word Islam. One definition of Islam is to be submissive to […]