So you say you’ve always wanted to open your own live entertainment event venue. A fun place for locals to come and enjoy the work of their own homegrown talents. One problem: you’re still wet behind the ears and you have no idea where to get started booking performers. Fret […]

When deciding what sunscreen to get, the selection can be daunting. There are sunscreens for sport, there are sunscreens for babies, there are sunscreens that are water resistant and sunscreens just for sensitive skin. There are “reef-safe” sunscreens, sprays, lotions, and everything in between.  And now “mineral” sunscreens.  What on […]

Many believe in astrology but some do not believe in it. An astrologer is that person who can tell you about your future by the position of the sun, the moon, and other planets. Many astrologers recommend gemstones according to your birth date. Mr. Pankaj khanna is the most experienced […]

Celebrating the very first birthday of your child is something that is very special for you. And so the celebrations should be grandeur and memorable.  We bring you some ideas to celebrate the first birthday of your child in a very special way.    Grand Party Hosting a grand party […]

One of the most famous celebrations in Hindu culture – Diwali, is commended with much display throughout various communities in the Indian diaspora. Also known as the “festival of lights,” it is commonly a five-day festivity wherein families get together, friends enjoy together, everyone lights up their homes with diyas, […]