Ethernet is a get-together of wired PC organizing moves regularly utilized nearby (LANs), metropolitan area affiliations (MANs), and wide locale affiliations (WANs). It was presented monetarily in 1980 and was first normalized in 1983 as IEEE 802.3. Ethernet has since been refined to help higher piece rates, more prominent measures […]

Nowadays, developing or creating a website is a top priority for your business’s internet presence. The two most promising and critical stages are design and production. The most commonly used programming language PHP is a good choice for web development and web applications. It is a general-purpose server-side scripting language […]

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As you all know today technology is increasing day by day, and now in 2020 many people will use social media platform for learning and entertainment and they can watch that videos on a smart device, so today our topic is also related to technology which is online video marketing […]