Zoom Video Conferencing During The Period Of Corona Virus Pandemics

Sometimes ago, a video conferencing platform was introduced named Zoom. Everyone was not familiar with this video conferencing application a few months back, but after the virulent disease of COVID-19, everyone gets familiar with this video conferencing platform. Most of the organizations allow their workers to work remotely. They allowed attending business meetings online. So, everyone looked for a reliable and consistent video-conferencing application. Most of the employees select the Zoom application for video calling. Zoom has become the most popular video-conferencing application among people. Zoom offers you several Virtual Office Backgrounds which help you to make your business meeting more successful.

How to initiate a Video Conferencing call with Zoom?

  • To use the Zoom software, you should download Zoom for your device. After downloading, you need to sign in for a free account by entering your login ID and password or you can log in with Facebook or Google.
  • You may use Zoom application with Windows, Mac Android, Linux, and iOS.
  • After download and install the Zoom application, you can either host a video call or join a meeting hosted by other colleagues.
  • If you want to join the ongoing meeting, you will require a link or meeting ID for the meeting.
  • After logging in to the Zoom account, you can get a lot of functions in the Home This tab will offer you to begin a new meeting, join the ongoing meeting, share screen, and schedule upcoming meetings.

Begin a New Meeting

You can get an option for the New Meeting in the Home tab. This will permit you to initiate a New Meeting. It depends on you that you want to initiate a meeting with video or without video.

Join an Ongoing Meeting

If an individual invites you to the Zoom meeting and sends you an invitation link or meeting ID that you may use to join the existing meeting.

Schedule a Next Meeting

If you have to schedule the next meeting, you have to select the Schedule option in the Home tab and you can schedule your meeting fixing the date and time for the Meeting. The system automatically generates the meeting ID but you can also use your meeting ID. You can create the password of the meeting and arrange the audio feature for the scheduled meeting.

Screen sharing

If you need to share your screen with other participants, you will require a meeting ID or a link to enter the meeting. When you want to share your Zoom screen, it is not necessary to share the complete screen but choose an application to hide the other applications or your whole screen.

Zoom virtual Backgrounds

Zoom offers you a feature of Zoom virtual backgrounds that allows you to use still pictures or videos as your virtual backgrounds. This will help you to cover your messy home and by using Free Virtual Zoom Backgrounds, you can spice up your business meeting to get a great experience.


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