Did you know what it is Diabetes?


Diabetes is a metabolic disease, the most common symptom of increasing blood sugar levels. The average fasting blood glucose level is 6 mmol/l. The disease develops when insulin production in the body is stopped or reduced or when insulin does not work well enough.

Three Types Of Diabetes

  • First is Type 1,
  • The second is Type 2.
  • And the Third one is Gestational Diabetes.

We are also talking about Gestational, which is becoming more common, a kind of precursor to type 2.

Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 Diabetes
Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes is more likely to affect children and teenagers but can also occur in young adults. It rarely develops over the age of thirty. Stakeholders are generally not obese, but this is not a rule. At first glance, it is not likely to determine which type refers to which type.

People with type 1 are so-called insulin-deficient patients and are much more likely to have more severe symptoms than type 2 diabetics. If they don’t get their insulin on time, they can get into a bad condition, even a coma, very quickly.

As we have learned, there are two types of this type: one is autoimmune, and the other is called idiopathic, i.e., of unknown origin. The former is more common, and antibodies responsible for the disease can be detected in the blood at the beginning of the disease. People with type 1 diabetes typically need insulin for the rest of their lives and are only relieved if there is a chance of a pancreas transplant.

In type 1, the patient drinks a lot, urinates often and a lot, and starts to lose weight even though he eats a lot. It is because your body cannot utilize carbohydrates.

Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes
Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 usually develops in older age, especially in obese or non-overweight but insulin-resistant adults. However, this type of Diabetes is becoming more common in children, which is a severe problem because it is usually a complication of childhood obesity.

At the time of diagnosis of type 2, insulin treatment is usually not needed yet. In the first place, a change of lifestyle is enough, attention to diet and weight, exercise is enough.

Also, metformin-containing drugs are available, and a wide variety of these types are already available. Suppose you lose weight significantly due to lifestyle changes and treatment. In that case, type 2 can also progress back to an earlier pre-diabetic stage, a considerable difference from type 1, from which there is no return.

Type 2 diabetes is an insidious disease, often only noticed once its complications have developed. For example, at an eye examination, or because of deteriorating kidney function, when underlying this disease has been around for years.

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Type 2 diabetes is also becoming more common in children. Among the causes, malnutrition and nutrition play a significant role. Four out of ten parents regularly give their child sugary food or drink before the age of 1, and almost one year of age, almost without exception, all small children receive sugary sweets. One in ten babies under the age of six is ​​potentially overweight, and 5% are obese – a significant contributor to the fact that type 2 diabetes, which is a prevalent disease, is becoming more common in adults and children.

Although the predisposition to the disease is inherited in many cases, it is essential to highlight malnutrition, sedentary lifestyle, and the resulting obesity as predisposing factors.


Gestational Diabetes

This disease during pregnancy occurs more often among overweight pregnant women than among those of average weight. The sugar load test, pregnancy 24–28. carried out between weeks. It may reveal gestational diabetes or decreased glucose tolerance.

However, gestational is not only harmful to the expectant mother. Because the fetus also adapts to the mother’s high blood sugar, it produces more insulin. Because of this, however, the baby can grow huge. High blood sugar also damages the placenta’s blood vessels, so the fetus often does not get enough oxygen.

As frightening as the number of gestational diabetics grows, only four out of ten expectant mothers change their eating habits when they find out they are pregnant.


Metabolic syndrome affects Love Life

It is not excluded that if a person does not feel like making love, it can be related to his health state. The cause of the problem is often metabolic syndrome, which is associated with overweight or obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

The problem affects one in three adults in the United States and one in four adults in the United Kingdom. The disease is a combination of overweight and high blood pressure, and among its most common symptoms are sexual problems such as Erectile Dysfunction. But with the Help of Suhagra 100 and Cenforce 50 Pills, you can easily tackle it.

In addition to diabetes or low libido, even if sex occurs, the act is less satisfactory, and in many cases, physical symptoms are accompanied by depression.


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