Why Yelp Reviews Don’t Reflect A Car Shipping Company

Why Yelp Reviews Don't Reflect A Car Shipping Company

Worst Yelp Reviews For Auto Transport Firms

To properly appreciate the differences in review scores between Yelp and other sites like Google for numerous automobile shipping firms, you must first grasp the purpose of each site. Yelp was created to allow users to review restaurants and accommodations. It has since grown, but imperfectly.

Other sites, like Google, have long allowed reviews for any type of business. A site like Transport Reviews has clearly been designed to review vehicle transport firms. “What’s the problem?” you may ask. How does a Yelp listing for auto transport providers affect the credibility of a company’s review rating? Yelp currently filters reviews based on numerous factors.

The number of previous reviews is the main determinant. So, if someone has reviewed 100 restaurants or motels, they will likely review a car transportation provider. A reviewer with few or no reviews will be vetted and removed if they leave one for a vehicle transport firm. The point is that Yelp looks at past reviews to determine validity, regardless of how irrelevant they are to the present review.

The length of a review and the number of “friends” a person has on Yelp are additional variables in whether a review should be filtered and removed. Many of the thousands of customers who have transported their cars do not even have Yelp accounts. So when they create an account to post a review for a car transport firm, Yelp considers it spam and deletes it. This means that only a small percentage of customers can really leave reviews on Yelp.

Uneven Yelp Review Filtering

Also, Yelp is very stringent about removing favorable reviews. Negative reviews are rarely filtered out. Because Yelp wants to prevent businesses from inflating their own ratings by publishing or buying phony reviews. Right? One issue is how much easier it is to erase a legitimate favorable review than a bad one. It’s grown so bad that Yelp is accused of purposely suppressing favorable evaluations of businesses that don’t advertise on Yelp to extort them.

The main reason why many restaurants and hotels have higher Yelp ratings than automobile transportation companies is that reviewers of restaurants and hotels have “trusted” Yelp accounts based on the subjective parameters discussed previously. These “trusted” accounts have complete profiles, have been active for years, and have posted many reviews.

Why A Car Shipping Firm Can’t Do Anything About Its Yelp Rating

When a business begs Yelp to reconsider removing favorable reviews, they refuse. Positive evaluations for a car transportation firm on Yelp are exclusively from “trusted” accounts, but bad reviews are from new, incomplete, and trustworthy accounts — basically, any account will have a negative review filtered unless it does something crazy like use profanity.

So, in general, favorable ratings are more likely to be removed than bad reviews, and vice versa. Once this occurs, there is no way for a car shipping firm to salvage the situation.

YELP Alternatives

As previously said, there are many more reliable sites than Yelp for evaluating auto shipping services. Unlike Yelp, these services filter and monitor reviews objectively rather than assuming the most favorable ratings are fraudulent.

Google – Google is a pretty objective review site. Plus, more people use Google than Yelp, so you get more reviews from a wider range of customers.

For many years, consumers have trusted Consumer Affairs to report difficulties with corporations in any area, including car transportation.

Transport Reviews – Transport Reviews only reviews auto transport providers. So, this is another wonderful place to acquire meaningful feedback about a vehicle transportation provider.


Yelp is a useful tool for hospitality firms. Besides that, it’s often skewed and unreliable. This is especially true for auto transport. To choose the best vehicle shipping business for you and your consignment, visit review sites like Google. If you are interested in learning more essential information about vehicle transport, do not hesitate to contact the reliable agents of Auto Shipping California.


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