What to wear with denim overalls: a new look

The popularity of denim clothing is undeniable. Fashionistas are happy to wear denim overalls clothes, presenting them in different roles: not only every day, but also business and even evening ones. If jeans and ripped shorts are too boring for you, opt for a jumpsuit. In any interpretation, a one-piece outfit looks extraordinary. Due to the specificity of the cut, the femininity of the figure is emphasized, which makes the bow very attractive.

denim overalls
denim overalls

It should not be overlooked that a denim overalls jumpsuit is a duet of two hot trends at once. On the one hand, there is an all-out denim overalls excitement in the fashion arena, on the other hand, one-piece models have been leading the fashion pedestal for several seasons in a row. Such a must-have is the number one choice for a daring fashionista.


The peak of popularity of one-piece ensembles from jeans, which we have the pleasure to observe, is easy to explain. Modern fashion tends to revive the trends of the 80s and 90s. Denim overalls are in the TOP of white tank top jumpsuit comebacks that definitely deserve attention. Feel free to experiment with a one-piece denim overalls outfit. It is almost impossible to make a mistake in the choice, because there are various variations in the trend.


With such popularity, a one-piece suit can be of any kind. This is not only a classic with pants, but also democratic overalls with shorts and skirts. The color of the product is not necessarily blue. Bright and colorful summer overalls look very interesting . A business lady will love models in dark shades: black, brown, gray. Such ones easily complement the office bow, provided that the style is chosen correctly.

The following models are recognized as the most popular.

  1. “Working” classics. We copy the images of simple workers in semi-overalls made of shabby denim. Distinctive features of the model – straight cut, many pockets, the effect of aging, holes, slits. The trousers can be tucked up.
  2. A feminine interpretation of a working ensemble. The model copies the previous version, but you can already boast of a seductive fit. Skinny cut favorably emphasizes ladies’ forms, even the most modest ones.
  3. A la Buratino. Cheerful models with shorts are often present in maternity collections due to their high levels of comfort, but this does not mean that only expectant mothers wear them. All women of fashion are crazy about a democratic image. Such a new thing is what you need for the summer.
  4. “Girl with a player”. Unusual jumpsuits with skirts worn with might and main in the 90s and 2000s. The infantile bow is back on the fashion stage. An interesting alternative to a summer sundress will come in handy in the off-season, in combination with warm tights or even leggings, it will look even more interesting.
  5. Child of flowers. Elegant ensembles with flared pants and accent waist create a super-sexy silhouette. The main trick is to choose a model with a clear fit.

The top of the jumpsuit is also variable. For summer, choose a short version with straps or an ensemble with a sleeveless jacket. For a demi-season wardrobe, models with shirts and sweaters are perfect. Although in fairness it should be noted that any type of jumpsuit is universal in terms of seasonality. Combinations decide everything.


Such clothing began its existence in the status of a work uniform, but as it developed, it acquired many other roles. Today, a combined jeans suit can worn in almost any situation. Obviously, for outdoor recreation and walking around the city, you can’t come up with a better image than an all denim overalls one. But not all women of fashion know that such clothes can easily complement office, club and evening looks. It all depends on which frame to choose for the solo component of the bow.

Overalls are organically combined with:

  • T-shirts, T-shirts, sweatshirts, long sleeves (any everyday classics);
  • democratic footwear (sneakers, sneakers, sandals, slates);
  • elements of cowboy style (plaid shirts, Cossack boots, cowboy hats).

But tandems with contrasting style things are much more interesting. The blouse will add elegance and sophistication to the democratic jumpsuit, make the image elegant and delicate. The strict shirt, in turn, will serve as a contrast to the rebellious mood of the ensemble. Crop-top and semi-overalls are the choice of daring young ladies who are not shy about showing their waist. If you really want to, but for now it’s scary, complement the image with a shirt on top, which you can always take off.

Jumpsuits are also great in cool weather. In the fall, you can combine a one-piece suit with pullovers, knee-highs, sweaters, cardigans, as well as leather jackets and even denim overalls jackets.

Speaking of denim overalls. The most trending modern look is a combination of different types of jeans. So we can wear denim overalls completely freely with denim shirts of a different shade.

Shoes, as usual, set the mood of the image. Stiletto heels, wedge sandals or graceful ballet flats, even an oversized jumpsuit will make you more elegant. Colored oxfords, chunky heels, chunky tractor boots create an extravagant party ensemble. Sneakers, sneakers, slip-ons are perfect for every day.


As a source of fashion inspiration, we offer you a collection of the most interesting bows with must-have clothes. Enjoy and reproduce in your own fashion experiments.

  1. We complement a semi-overalls with cuffs on the trousers with a light chiffon blouse or shirt, at the bottom of the boat, sandals or ankle boots. You can put a leather jacket or jacket on your shoulders.
  2. A jumpsuit with shorts and a sleeveless shirt are cool options for the summer. A shoulder bag and simple sandals, a comfortable look for the independent fashionista is ready.
  3. It remains to add only sneakers and a backpack to a skirt with straps and a thick long sleeve in a bright shade.


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