What is Inventory Planning and How to Do It?

A retail business’s assets are generally dominated by its inventory, which may account for up to 80% of its total funds. Because it enables businesses to run constantly, inventory holding is inevitable. Overstocking inventory, on the other hand, is detrimental to a healthy cash flow and inhibits corporate expansion since the money locked up in extra inventory cannot be spent elsewhere in the company. Supply chain management requires a corporation to prepare for all aspects of its supply chain, from inventory planning to order management.¬†

Forecasting demand is important in inventory management, determining how much inventory to purchase and when. When done well, this may help businesses satisfy demand while saving money. Every firm or organization that manufactures, sells, or trades a particular commodity has some inventory. The kind of your company dictates this form.

The following are the three types of stock in Inventory Management:

  1. The raw materials inventory refers to those goods that have not yet been processed.
  2. Consumers cannot buy these things since they are still being converted for retail sale.
  3. This category includes products ready to be sold, such as “finished goods inventory.”

Inventory Management is Essential For Your Business

A thorough inventory monitoring and management process are essential for every firm, regardless of the kind or size of its inventory. To minimize stockouts or overstocking, a well-thought-out inventory planning strategy is used to keep costs down. It is possible to do manual or automated inventory planning. However, before these two issues, let’s first establish inventory planning.

Inventory Management, often known as inventory planning, is determining the appropriate amount and time of inventory to match it with sales and production capabilities. Additionally, stocking levels across the supply chain are determined by inventory planning. Your inventory strategy directly influences your company’s cash flow and profit margins. This is particularly true for small enterprises that must depend on a rapid turnover of products or resources.

Inventory Management Process

  • High-quality and efficient inventory planning is the best way to prevent these problems and keep your bottom line in check.
  • Planning your inventory: what’s the best way to approach it? Making a Decision Between Manual, Automated Processes, and Hyperlocal Delivery
  • As previously stated, automatic and manual methods for stock planning are available. There aren’t many types of stock inventory or too much stock in small enterprises with Hyperlocal Delivery, so manual planning is usually the best option.
  • Additionally, small enterprises operating on a limited budget might save money using manual stock planning. Consider these pros and disadvantages before deciding whether or not to use a spreadsheet to manage your stock levels manually.

Benefits Of Inventory Management 

  • Small firms might benefit from manual planning since it is more cost-effective than computerized planning.
  • Control: When inventory is planned manually, you have greater control over it. For example, you can see when a reorder is needed visually. Sense of Control
  • You don’t have to learn to run things as you would with automated software when you plan manually. Thus you save time.
  • Automated stock planning software may reduce or eliminate human error and increase overall process accuracy.
  • Having all your inventory information readily available is a huge advantage of automated systems.

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