Wedding Photography According To Thibault Copleux – Part II

The wine of honor

The wine of honor represents the moment when I make my shots of “stolen” moments. Armed with my 70-200mmlens, I sneak in among the guests to immortalize their expressions, capture their smiles, and thus realize some of my favorite photographs of the day by Wedding Photography according to Thibault Copleux. During this stage, do not hesitate to zoom in as much as possible in order to make images of portraits or groups.

The first dance

The first dance in Wedding Photography According To Thibault Copleux

This is the Climax of the evening. The real pressure is on the photographer’s shoulders as the newlyweds jump on the track and open the ball, wedding photography according to Thibault Copleux must pay special attention to every movement, every smile, and every beat of the eyelashes. Careful control will be required. However, between lights and actions, it is often difficult to focus in the dark.

If you use a flash, the focus can be helped by the famous infrared… But I’m going to reveal a little homemade trick that will be a considerable ally to your case. I deport the flash with a cable that allows me to have the light next to it and not on the camera. The infrared then comes to place itself on the claw, allowing me to focus in a few thousandths of a second. It’s over!

The Rendering of Wedding Photography According To Thibault Copleux

After cleverly retouching your photographs, it is necessary to give them to the newlyweds. The ideal is to set up an online gallery and offer them an album containing some of the most beautiful images you have immortalized. Thus, the professional character will continue to be in full swing and a good impression will be left on the end. Word of mouth goes very fast in this environment so making a good impression until the last moment is essential…

Now the ball’s in your court. So arm yourself with all these tips as well as the originality that forms your work and set out to conquer wedding photography according to Thibault Copleux. You will quickly get a taste for it and realize how much of a windfall it is to immortalize the union of two beings. You have the most beautiful job!

Wedding Photography According To Thibault Copleux


Think of being inspired daily by the work of the leading people in the field to feed your work because, as Gisèle Freund, a French sociologist and portrait photographer of German origin, advocated, “culture for a photographer is much more important than technique”…

Could you give us a brief look at your journey?

With pleasure! My name is Thibault Copleux and I am 22 years old. I fell a little into the photo by chance and I never thought I could be as passionate as today. My first relationship with photography dates back to the elementary school benches where the traditional class photos were held. The photographer at the time didn’t make us feel comfortable and I thought that photographer was not a nice job.

I started photography in 2008 around the world of transportation which allowed me through the sale of photos for a magazine, to buy me my very first reflex, a D90. After that, I started to touch everything, portraits, evening wedding photography according to Thibault Copleux, landscapes. with one perspective: to make up my mind about what I prefer to do. My passion for portrait photography was born and I started to take pictures of my surroundings.

After that, I started to refine my selection criteria by photographing models with really interesting faces. In 2014, I started my own business so that I could work with companies, make marriages while continuing my studies in image communication.

Why did you take part in the “Portrait” challenge on Photo Arena? Was the result (i.e. second) expected?

Portrait challenge on Photo Arena

I rarely participate in the usual photo contest and when I saw the title of the Nikon Challenge, I knew that could have my chances since portraiture is my main area. I first looked at what the other participants were proposing to see if it was played in advance or not. After several hesitations and a few requests for advice on my most beautiful portrait near my “fans”, my application was sent with a portrait of a young Model from Bordeaux, Karen Harlé.

The result was not necessarily expected, even if I thought I could at least reach the favorite selection. In the end, a pleasant and beautiful surprise!


What are your inspirations for these portraits?

With wedding photography according to Thibault Copleux, All these portraits are different from each other since I have not yet found “my paw”. That’s why my portfolio is really heterogeneous, I try a lot of things and I often change my mind. My series doesn’t really look the same even though I try to keep a common thread.

In terms of inspiration, I admire the work that Victor Habchydoes, there are a lot of emotions released with little, it’s great! Besides the work of emotion, I am fascinated by the work of Jean Noir’s faces and his retouching. The way he puts forward the faces is breathtaking. There’s real work on these photos, I’m a big fan.

You do wedding photography, is this an exercise apart?

All my Saturdays during the summer are punctuated by the union of beautiful people. It is an exercise in its own right, both on the present emotion and on the technique requested. To photograph a wedding is to have your head in it all day, to focus on everything that is going on, to think about what could be best given in unique situations.

In addition, there is some stress that surfaces during the ceremonies, there is no second chance possible. The work I propose is photo reporting or called “stolen photos.” The principle is simple: I sneak among the guests and I capture everyone in situations that sublimate them without getting them. It takes a lot of patience and observation to have beautiful situations that honor wedding photography according to Thibault Copleux person photographed.

There is a willingness to highlight the main subject through a work of the background, what is the secret?

I’m a big fan of the daytime and the “golden hours”! I love capturing portraits with a bright background and a nice sun behind them. I have no real secret, with the experience of making natural photos in the sun, we understand what the sky can offer us or not depending on the weather. For example, a cloudy sky at the end of the day will give a great sunset without rays; ideal for a counter-day.


What is your goal for the future? Special desires?

The goal I am currently setting myself is to focus on and develop video, a medium that attracts me more and more. I take more and more pleasure in making videos for professionals or for model books. The animated image is more and more watched, just look at the current news (live Facebook, periscope, 360 videos…).

With video, I think that is easier to feel the moments of an event rather than in a photo. He would like to keep the photo part in wedding photography according to Thibault Copleux while distinguishing the video part well under another name; to come!

What equipment do you use?

What equipment do you use in wedding photography

I have a Nikon D800 and a D600, both accompanied by Nikon lens: 14-24mm F2.8, 24-70mm F2.8, 70-200mm F2.8 as well as 50mm F1.8.

My D800 and my 70-200mm work full time for portraits. The D800 allows me to trim as I please thanks to these 36 MP and the 70-200mm F2.8 VR II allows me to create superb depths of fields in situations not very bright. Many people think that the shallow depth of field thanks to the 70-200 is added in retouching.

In wedding photography according to Thibault Copleux a matter of practice, with the 24-70 mm F2.8 that allows having a wide-angle and a zoom start. Finally, the 14-24mm F2.8 allows me to take pictures of interior decorations, or photos of large groups without needing to back off. The 50mm F1.4 is here for the video!

What projects are you currently working on?

I just finished a short video film that I had been working on for 5 months. After making several video books for models where I placed music on meaningless animated images, I wanted to create a video with a meaning, a message: something built.

So I created a video called “Neon Fight” that traces the perspective of a woman walking home alone in the night. For her, the light of the neon lights frightens her, does not invoke good thoughts every night. The goal is to show the experience that a woman can have at night when she is alone.

The video was shot in London, after careful work on spotting beautiful neon lights. All this is accompanied by wedding photography according to Thibault Copleux, an English voiceover, under the French title. Even if I impose an opinion in this video, this one was for me a test for the future. Your opinions are welcome!


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