University of Phoenix Offers Busy Modern Workers a New Way to Upskill From the Comfort of Their Homes

University of Phoenix Offers Busy Modern Workers a New Way to Upskill From the Comfort of Their Homes

The pandemic saw a shift in the way modern workers continue their education. 2020 saw a decrease in enrollments for colleges and universities across the country. The upheaval caused by lockdowns and restrictions led to many employers rethinking how the University of Phoenix offers busy modern workers and approaches to upskilling their staff. Since many of the globe’s leading companies took their day-to-day operations online, there’s also been a surge toward remote learning. The trend could continue well after the ramifications of the COVID-19 outbreak lessen.

The University of Phoenix Offers Busy Modern Workers And The Current Rise In Remote Learning

While the business world is an ever-changing entity, education is quick to follow. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the entire professional sector has had to cope with the realities of working at home. This transformation was originally expected to be a temporary precaution. However, over the past year, remote work has made itself increasingly obvious as a viable option.

This has led to organizations building remote and hybrid arrangements into their employment policies. One example is Spotify, which announced in February 2021 that employees would have the option to work from home full-time or part-time as preferred.

As the University of Phoenix offers busy modern workers, forward-thinking bosses and managers are well aware of the impact that learning and development can have on their staff. By choosing to invest in employee education, the company can experience improved results in the long run. For instance, giving staff members education opportunities is likely to lead to higher levels of retention. Modern workers value progression as well as flexibility, so be on the lookout for more companies to pave the way in this area.

Fortunately, there are plenty of offerings available for managers to explore as options for their teams. From one-off e-learning courses to fully online college programs, individuals can even be selective about the programs they decide to pursue. Business leaders have the pick of the bunch when it comes to deciding on a pathway to follow.

Remote learning offers critical flexibility

Remote learning offers critical flexibility

The expansion of remote learning acceptance and options is a positive move for working professionals. The change can open up countless doors and make continuing one’s education more straightforward. Remote learning creates more study options than ever before in novel formats that can empower learners to upskill while maintaining their existing responsibilities.

Business leaders also have the unique opportunity to choose the perfect fit for their team members when it comes to continuing education in the context of corporate skill gaps. Opting for remote courses that are flexible and easy to manage can be a great choice as it allows professionals to work, learn, and enhance themselves at a pace and place that fit their needs.

Professional Development Courses

The team at the University of Phoenix offers busy modern workers recognizes the newfound demand for upskilling busy working professionals. That’s why the University recently launched an initial selection of Professional Development Courses. The short, fast-paced courses can be accessed remotely via the University’s online portal, which means that people can learn and work at their own pace. Each course offers a wealth of skills in a high-demand area. For adults looking to boost their employability and move up the career ladder, gaining these qualifications can be a savvy step.

The University of Phoenix has plans to launch additional courses on this platform. However, the current lineup features a variety of options in digital marketing, IT services, non-clinical healthcare, and education. Each of these areas represents an industry currently in demand and experiencing rapid expansion. For managers searching for the right options to offer their staff, highly flexible courses focused on specific upskill areas could be the way to go. Course participants can also benefit from flexibility with classes available online at a pace that suits the individual student.

Professional Development Courses offer a number of student benefits. Each lesson is manageably sized and takes around 60 minutes to complete. This makes it easier for workers to fit content in around their already crammed schedules. Students can log on and study course materials without the constraints of predetermined class times. They can also repeatedly review content before taking an assessment.

For individuals who already have to manage a wealth of activities and duties, having this approach is a refreshing change. Students can also take course assessments as many times as they need to achieve their best score and confirm their own comprehension of the course material. Upon completion of the course, students receive a certificate of completion they can choose to display on their LinkedIn profile page.

As remote learning becomes more commonplace in the professional sector, the University of Phoenix offers busy modern workers and the range of Professional Development Courses from the University of Phoenix are a viable option. Moreover, managers will do well to keep a close eye on this selection of courses as it’s set to expand into yet more topics  in the near future

About University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix

In 1976, Dr. John Sperling started the University of Phoenix provides adults with more options to achieve higher learning. This educator and entrepreneur understood the economy on a deeper level and quickly recognized that it favored those with the advanced training and skills achieved at a university.

The University of Phoenix offers busy modern workers and their higher education opportunities to help students foster their knowledge and skills. From orientation to graduation, every step of the student’s journey is driven by their needs. The curriculum combines academic theory and professional practice, a proven way to reinforce skills and experiment with real-world applications. The University of Phoenix is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (

The University of Phoenix focuses on the current needs of adult learners, offering flexible schedules, online learning, and a variety of courses. The University was created for students who have commitments beyond their classes. Those who work full time or care for their family will find that they can create a schedule that works for them. Regardless of your aspirations, finding the correct course for your professional needs can be simple with the University of Phoenix.


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