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Today earn money is not easy, but through social media, it’s become easy, 2021 maximum people join online video marketing business in which they earn a huge amount, and as you know during this pandemic people are very tensed just because of earning but social media make it easy today 95% people use online video marketing and earn a pretty amount, so let’s discuss how they earn, slide down to know more.

What is the best platform on which we can earn?

People love to make content video and blogs but this becomes a business too, after creating video they post their videos on social media platforms, and there are many platforms on which you can post your videos like YouTube, Netflix, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and many more, if the audience loves your video then they like your videos and according to your likes that videos platforms give you money according to your likes.

But make sure you make a nice video for the audience, and the audience loves you to see the interesting video and creative videos. So now you are thinking to we create a video, so for this, you need to edit your video after making it.

Editing is an important part of video editing, if you post your video without editing then the audience hates your video because that video does not look interesting. Let’s discuss more that why the tool is video important.

Why tool is important

As above I told you that editing tool is an important part every person know that before posting video they need to edit their video which makes their video more interesting and clear in quality.

The video editing tool is very important because this is a key to blending the videos and images and sounds to make us feel emotionally connected and you know what that sometimes truly look like that we are watching a film, so that’s why video editing is important its make your videos like a film

And the important thing I want to tell you that, today maximum people learning editing and people pay them for video and images editing, but I know your new content and blogs make, so I have one tool for you in whom you find all the features and you don’t need any professional editor.

So and slide down to know more about that tool.

What is the Typito tool?

Typito is the best tool that comes with all the amazing 37 features which you do not find in other tools, Typito is a web-based tool that drags and drops tool to create stunning videos for your viewers. With this tool, you can make beautiful typography videos, images, and brand layouts.

So go and download this amazing tool and edit your video. 

Features of Typito tool-

There are 37 types of features in this tool.

Is it paid or not

Typito is paid and non paid tool too, in non paid tool you can make 4 video per month, let’s show you the exact plan of Typito tool.



$29/ month $66/ month $149/ month
Edit up to 5 Videos/ month Edit up to 15 Videos/ month Edit up to 40 Videos/ month
Up to 3 users in a team Up to 5 users in a team Up to 10 users in a team
Add up to 3 brand fonts Add up to 5 brand fonts Add up to 10 brand fonts
5 custom video formats 8 custom video formats 15 custom video formats
Auto subtitle generator Auto subtitle generator Auto subtitle generator


So go and make your videos according to this plan, link mention in below.

Click on the link to know more about Typito tool- https://typito.com/

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