Trendy Summer Bouquets

Trendy Summer Bouquets

With the summer, our day grows longer and those blossoms are blooming better than ever. At blooms villa, we just love flowers and the magic that they bring with them. The best thing about them is that when you come home from a hot day you just instantly look for a way to relax, a bath is always a good idea but just think about the blossoms that are there in the vase. The peonies, sunflowers, tulips, and dahlias are trendy summer bouquets.
You can always make your summer a little magical with flowers and bold summer colors, summer is one season that is often associated with happiness and warmth.

For any occasion, you can always use these bouquets as your centerpiece or if you just want to keep this bunch in your hand it will always look beautiful. You can always order from Bloom’s villa as we are the best florists in Mumbai.
Although choosing a bouquet is a little difficult, there are a few things that you can consider before going for a summer bouquet.
· Summer does not last forever, how about decorating each day with a new bouquet.
· You need to find your vibe so you must ask yourself what pops into your head when you think of summer.

· Colours are very important as they will surely impact your mood. Avoid colors of autumn to the winter ones. Go for corals and the bright colors which are bound to make you happy.
· Always check the flowers before buying, even if you are ordering to buy them from a farmer ensure that they are at the peak of the freshness.

· If you are going for personal blossoms always choose the flowers in a way that there are bigger flowers involved as well as the smaller flowers as it will surely add beauty to your trendy summer bouquets.
· Get them Arranged in a way that the tall ones are being shown and you can also add leaves to give it a green tone as well After All that’s what the summer is about.

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Here are some trendy summer bouquets from us that you might consider for yourself this summer:



These flowers are perfect for your summertime as yellow unlike the past is now associated with happiness, prosperity, and warmth, and these heavy petalled and fragrant carnations are perfect for any occasion that you are giving them in, although the pink ones are associated with the mothers’ undying love you could always go for yellow or red. If you are choosing for a particular occasion then our other blogs will help you out. Bloom’s villa also does flower delivery in Mumbai.


At the beginning of summer, it is said that most of the varieties of roses are said to bloom making the rose a perfect symbol for summer. The best part is that it grows in every color that one can think of. This also means that you don’t have to remain limited to red. Make your summer colorful with all the colors that are there with our mixed garden roses trendy summer bouquets.


The lilies have always been perfect for summer as they have the summer vibes to them. The lilies bloom around this time and these fragrant lilies are known to grow in the sunny spots. Why not spread some summer magic with this bouquet and decorate your homes with the perfect match of lilies and roses?


Although these gerbera flowers are dormant in summer, they are hard to ignore with all those vibrant summer colors and their association with happiness, it’s like you just want to hold that bouquet during the summer or have it as your centerpiece during dinner.
You can always get the flower delivery in Mumbai.



How can we even forget orchids?
These bulbous, strong and exotic plants are always there for you to de-stress. You can just enjoy the beauty of these orchids in the summer and if you are thinking about gifting them to someone then they are just perfect as the purple orchids are known to represent the respect and admiration you have for the person. Maybe this year it’s time to go with the orchids? Or I’ll leave that choice up to you.

Make your trendy summer bouquets even more special by adding hydrangeas and sunflowers, well nothing symbolizes a connection to the sun better than sunflower.
Well, your bouquets don’t have to go alone. We also have chocolates, teddy bears, and cakes that can be delivered to you by midnight or if you want to then you can always opt for the same day. They are just amazing!
If you have any other flowers that you would like to add to the bouquet then you can get customized bouquets from us.
You can always order from Bloomsvilla no matter what the date or day is, they also do same-day delivery of those sweet-smelling blossoms for you.

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