Trendy Skirts To Wear In Summer 2021

Trendy Skirts To Wear In Summer 2021

What skirts are in this summer? Is there a trend in skirts? We got to the bottom of the question and are now introducing you to the most beautiful trendy skirts to wear in summer!

Trendy Skirts To Wear In Summer: what do we wear pleated skirts or denim skirts?

Admittedly, the summer is currently not showing its best side. Nevertheless, we don’t want to spoil the summer mood and see which trendy skirts to wear in summer. What’s hot in the fashion world this year?

  1. Pleated skirts are pretty trendy this summer. These skirts can also be worn very well on cold days. The pleated skirt looks very feminine and seems to be a big trend among bloggers. The length for the rock trend is very important: midi length and maxi length are very popular. Instead of relying on wild prints, we wear the pleated skirt in muted colors such as black, beige, or brown.

What do I wear with a pleated skirt?

A pleated skirt is pretty easy to combine with anything. We are big fans of loose-fitting shirts or shirts. The oversized look is even desirable for the pleated trendy skirts to wear in summer! On cool summer days, we throw on the XXL hoodie or a large knitted sweater. So we loosen up the outfit a little. There are no limits when it comes to shoes. Sneakers, flat sandals, or pumps – everything is allowed that looks good on your feet in summer.


  1. Midi-length denim skirts – We saw denim skirts quite often on the runways of great designers. Especially denim skirts that are cut a little longer, such as midi or maxi lengths. The vintage classics from the 80s and 90s are celebrating their comeback this summer! We have been wearing denim skirts in summer for years, but they have always been shorter. But this summer we’re switching to midi or maxi length denim skirts.

How do I style mid-length denim skirts?

If you want to create a casual look, you can grab an airy, loose top and grab fancy slingback mules or sneakers. If you want to go to the office with it, you can just throw on a blazer – we have explained to you how you can combine blazers with trendy skirts to wear in summer.

Combine skirt with top

Combine white skirt with top

Which top goes with the skirt? Every time we stand in front of the wardrobe and think about what to wear with our skirt. The question is very easy to answer: Depending on how you feel, you can combine anything you want with a skirt. However, we find that eye-catching skirts harmonize perfectly with simple tops. If your skirt has a multicolored pattern, you can, for example, pick up a color from the skirt in the top – that would make them look consistent. If you combine a blouse or a silky top with a skirt, your look is very elegant. A white shirt, on the other hand, makes your style look very sporty, casual.

Summer 2021 will be rocked!

We look forward to the warm summer days and long summer nights in the open air. Even with the current restrictions, we won’t let our mood be spoiled for the summer and ensure a colorful and stylish summer in the wardrobe for trendy skirts to wear in summer!


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