Trending Eyeshadow Boxes in 2021


Trending Eyeshadow Boxes

Your makeup is incomplete without the right eye makeup, and for the eyes, your need the best shadows to create the best look. So in 2021, eye makeup tools and cosmetics are always on the top list. If you plan to start the makeup line and target the eyes, this blog is for you. It is because here you will find all about the trending eyeshadow boxes in detail.

How Businesses Boost The Look Of The trending Eyeshadow Boxes?

Eyeshadow cases are an exciting package type that makeup business uses to pack their eye makeup. Most firms like to utilize various types of images to boost their appeal. How is it possible? You can make it happen by using corrugated and cardboard stock for making them. Various businesses like to utilize several kinds of graphics on them, and their finishing choices own many varieties like:

  • metallic sheet
  • vinyl fil,
  • Others.

It does not end here you can lasso find window panels on most of them that permit the user to have a sneak peek of the items. It is an overview of the trend that businesses are using to make their items stand out in the sector. So get ready to learn more about trending eyeshadow boxes in detail.

Vital Info

various kind of eyeshadow boxes

In the market you will find various kind of boxes and all of them differs in:

  • graphics
  • style
  • material

Many brands love to utilize sturdy stuff to make them, and most businesses use corrugates and cardboard stuff for this. You can change the size of the cases easily s per the demand of the items, and the following are the means to make the cases lovelier:

  • lovely color cheese
  • images
  • artwork

It does not end here; some have the holder inside it, such as a die-cut clear pane. The business also likes to print important info on packages as well.

The eyeshadow packaging is vital for various makeup businesses because it secures the items and showcases them. Many brands like to personalize their style and design to make them unique and appealing to buyers. It is the reason various kinds of trending eyeshadow boxes are accessible nowadays. We will show some top trending ones amongst others.

1. Slipcase Packing

Are you talking about the premium type of eye makeup packing? If yes, then slipcase packing is one of the most luxurious kinds of the box. Many known businesses are utilizing it for these reasons, and this case consists of the following two parts:

  • tray, and it has a delicate handle consist of rope or ribbon
  • slipcase that covers the tray

Makers use the following stuff to prominent these beautiful and valuable cases:

  • high-grade kraft sheet
  • cardboard

It is simple to make them with lovely images, and on the top, these boxes have de-boosed or embossed info.

2. Go With the Theme

In 2021 this design is trending, and many businesses are using them to style their boxes. So why do you not use them in your trending eyeshadow boxes?

unique appearance on the eyeshadow box

Many known brands pick the color scheme that is the same as the shade of the item inside it. This pattern makes a unique appearance on the box. Thus, users can have an idea about the shades without opening the cases, and it is the reason that makes the design trending in 2021, amongst many others.

Look at the essence packaging. Here, the makers pick the color schemes that reflect the eye powder’s shades. Users will get the idea that this pallet consists of earthy and warm tomes without even opening the case.

So let us move towards the next trend of 2021 that is undoubtedly unique and gorgeous.

3. Eyeshadow cases with holder

Nowadays, custom packing with a holder is very trending. Many reasons are behind it but let us talk about its structure. You can place the holder inside any kind of eye makeup case, and it is the only reason it does not own any fixed shape. Usually, the holder has the same form as the product. Sometimes you see various holders in the box when you are placing several items in it. This carries boost the noted value of your eyeshadow.

4. Shoulder Box

It is one of the luxurious types of packing for trending eyeshadow boxes. Various leading businesses use it for their makeup items. These cases consist of the following:

  • corrugated stuff
  • cardboard material

The best part is that you can change its size and shape per the need of the items. Usually, this case consists of the following three parts:

  • on part work as the bases that have the tray
  • 2nd part is a removable cover on its top that is positioned on a tray
  • A sharp boundary is present between the lid and the base.

It is unique and exciting packing that makes your article look charming.

5. Die-cut clear pane packing

How can you ignore the most evergreen style of the trending eyeshadow boxes style? The eyeshadow packaging with the windows makes your case look lovely.

In 2021 it is amongst the most trending style of 2021 for this type of thing. The window support in offering a good display of your items inside, and its shape is customizable. So you can change the shape, size, and place of the clear window-pane as per the need of the items.

6. Magnetic Closure Packing

Magnetic Closure eyeshadow Packing

This cardboard packing type is also getting popular these days because of this unique and exciting closing and opening style. The magnet is present on the lids’ edges that join with the packaging’s wall. Wall owns a magnet or an iron plate in that area as well. Thus, the user can quickly close and open the packing without any problem of sealing it correctly. These cases can lock themselves without any external help and it is the reason that makes it trendy in 2021.


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