Top Tips on How to Choose the Perfect Cologne

Top Tips on How to Choose the Perfect Cologne

Gentlemen, you know the drill. You get up for work in the morning, apply deodorant and then apply cologne to your neck or your wrists, even if the weather outside is cold.

Why? Because put simply, men’s body odor can be very strong and can cause a lack of confidence in social situations. So, if you are new to the world of men’s cologne, you may be curious as to which kind is the best at minimizing body odor and keeping you feeling fresh all day.

To help you shorten the process, here are 5 tips on how to choose the right cologne for you.

Understand the Ingredients

It may seem odd to look at the ingredients on a cologne bottle, but there is a lot that goes into making a good cologne. What you are looking for in essence is the percentage of essential oils or perfume oil. If you want a cologne that will last all day, pick a fragrance that contains between 10-15% perfume or essential oil. Once sprayed, that scent should easily last up to 8 hours. These options are known as Eau De Parfums.

If you want something a bit more middle of the road, aim for an Eau de Toilette, as these contain between 5-10% perfume or essential oil, and can last up to 6 hours. If you aren’t sure where to begin looking, head over to Burrows & Hare, and glance through their range of colognes for a brief guide.

Fragrance Wheel

This may sound odd, but it is the ultimate question when it comes to choosing deodorant or cologne; what do you want to smell like when it is applied?

Once again, when you are shopping for colognes, you may hear descriptions of the scents such as ‘woody’ or ‘fresh.’ These are used to describe how the underlying perfume oil will smell and, in some instances, what it is. Fresh scents tend to be citrusy, while woody scents tend to be based around things like sandalwood, and oriental aromas tend to be spicy with a floral undertone.

Online Reviews

It is important when choosing the right cologne to look at online reviews. As tempting as it is to simply buy cologne with a good review on its own website, try to look for independent reviews on Google, especially if the cologne is expensive. Or, why not look on a cologne aficionados website for their more in-depth review of colognes?

Consider Life Cycles

Most times, when you spray cologne, a few hours later it will smell different. This is because each cologne is composed of base notes, mid notes, and top notes.

The base notes are the scent that is left days after the cologne is sprayed, the mid notes are the main scent you will get through the day, and the head note is the scent you will notice immediately after the cologne is sprayed. So, consider this when choosing your ideal cologne.

Testing Strips

If possible, before investing in an expensive cologne, see if the site or store offers testing strips. This will allow you to get a free sample of how long-lasting the cologne is, along with its 3 base notes, without you needing to spend anything.

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