Starting your own business can be a formidable task. With the amount of money, effort, time, and risks involved, it can overwhelm the most confident of persons. Add to it various legal formalities that need to be completed, and the task looks even more daunting. However, there are many low investment business opportunities that one can explore as a beginner. There are opportunities in both, offline and online businesses, which require very little investment and not much to worry about logistics and other operational aspects.

Online business, in particular, has great scope for small-time entrepreneurs. If you have a great business idea and decide to start your own business, you can take help from consultants providing business set up services in India.


Low investment business ideas discussed below will save you substantial investment that a regular start-up would require.

Drop Shipping                        

This is a business model where the seller does not maintain any inventory of goods, but instead, transfers its customers’ orders to the manufacturer or stockists who then does the packaging and ships the consignment to the customers’ address. You only have to make the sale and pass on the order details to the third party supplier who takes care of the delivery. There is no need to invest in inventory management, packaging or shipping. You can have more than one supplier for the goods that you sell on your online store. Your job primarily is to market your business and take care of customer service.

Design and Print T-Shirts

This is another business which requires minimal investment, with shipping and fulfilment responsibility at hands of a third party. But unlike drop shipping, creating customized, original products is your concern.  You can put your creativity to good use by customizing fashion accessories, such as T-shirts, hats, hand bags, hoodies, etc., with unique designs and slogans as per customer demands. Even if you are not a designer yourself, you can outsource the job to some professional.

There are many print-on-demand platforms you can work with, and which can be aligned with your online store for seamless execution of the orders. You can also use mock design templates to manage costs. Always procure sample products to ensure your final customized product would look good.

Monetize Your Writing Skills

If you have good command of a language and have good writing skills, you can make good use of it by offering your services to ghost-write for your clients. There are various online platforms where you can find customers who are willing to pay good money to get there blogs, website contents, articles and e-books written on their behalf. You can also start your own blog and write books both, in digital and physical forms, to cater to a particular demand in the market. 

Affiliate Marketing

It is a marketing procedure where you earn a commission by promoting other people’s product. If you like a product, you promote it among other people. If your promotion effort results in a sale, then you earn a commission on it. It’s a completely online business which is based on revenue sharing model. If someone has a product which they want to sell to more people, they offer financial incentives to other people who have online presence and followers to promote their product. The affiliate marketers do not have to make any additional investment

Fashion Boutique

If you are passionate about fashion and love to share your style ideas with others, creating your own online fashion boutique could be a good idea to make money. And you don’t have to be a fashion designer to start this business. You can curate designer items from other sellers and display them on your online store. You can deal in dresses, footwear and other fashion accessories.

Coaching and Tuition Classes

Education is one of the most profitable small businesses these days. There is enormous opportunity in coaching classes. Almost every institute for higher education require students to go through entrance exams to seek admission. These students need guidance and coaching to clear these exams. If you are good at academics, then you can go for online or home tuitions. Starting coaching classes is also a good option. It’s a highly paying business with minimal investment.

Manpower Consultancy

This is another good business opportunity in India with low investment. Companies hire in large numbers through recruitment agencies and pay commission for every recruitment. All you need to do is create a database of resumes, which you can easily do by subscribing to different job portals such as,, etc.  You will have to shortlist the candidates as per the requirements and fix an interview. You can ear big with very little investment.

These are only few of the many opportunities of business in low investment ideas. There are numerous other low investment businesses that you can start with expert guidance from professionals who provide business setup services in India.



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