Top 10 Simple DIY Decoration Ideas to Decorate Your House !!

Top 10 Simple DIY Decoration Ideas to Decorate Your House !!

Diwali festival is just a few weeks away, and no one can contain its excitement. And if you are searching for a simple way of decorating your home. It is the best way to bring joy and fortune to your home. So are you searching for comfortable and inspirational tips to make your home beautiful? Below are some great tips to enhance your home in most ethnic ways.

Crepe paper toran-

This crepe paper design will survive longer than a fresh bloom for sure without a doubt, and it looks more pleasant than a plastic toran. This idea will sparkle for Diwali decoration. It is very well may be used for any event.

To create your toran, get the same papers in different shades of your preference. Then cut in a round shape and bind them in a thread. You can also include gold chimes at each end to make it attractive. This can also be a Diwali gift that you can provide to your dear ones. When Diwali is finished, don’t throw your toran. Save it for different celebrations or social occasions!

Paper cup lanterns to decorate your home-

While cleaning, you should come across the paper cups. Do you remember the last time you purchased those paper cups for the birthday celebration at home? In this way, take them out and make little lamps out of it.

Things Needed To Make Paper Cup Lanterns

Paper CupsWrapping paperScissorsPasteLights

Put holes in different color cups. Push bulb from these cups and hang them wherever you like.

Glowing candle shade-

Who knew creating shades would be this simple? Shades carry a unique wind to the usual candle kept in a corner, and well, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to make them either.

Things will require a sheet of white paper, thermocol, two needles (ideally a thick one and a thin one), tape, a candle, and another sheet with a design on it. Put the sheet under a white sheet with thermocol. Then start poking the sheet according to the design and wrap the sheet around the sheet.

Wall Hangings-

Replace the ideas of putting the diyas on the floor, design diya holders of your own in different designs, and hang them wherever you like. You can find many various designs in the hanging itself. It can also be the best Diwali gift ideas.

Use blossom garlands to make DIY decoration-

You could hang these garlands at the back of the idols. It could be an empty wall you need to brighten with lights and Diwali flowers for an empty wall you need to make attractive. A couple of series of blossoms can make the empty area center of attraction. If you love different colors of blossoms, you can use them, too, according to your styling.


Rangoli is one thing that, as a custom, we do it in our home. There are different designs by which you could make this. Use natural colors and a shape that would make the rangoli beautiful. You could also use blossoms and place them in various arrangements. Need to go unique? Use beautiful candles or diyas to shape design or use chalk powder and sparkle with mirrors to make the enchantment.

DIY Egg Carton Lights-

Egg Carton lights are amazingly simple to make. The containers are colored splendidly and cut into blossom shape pieces. Faery lights in your preferred shade can be attached through the blossom pieces, which will make a lovely string of elegant lights that can be hung to the walls, in your room, and so forth.

Pot lights-

Break the common style and go for pot style diyas. Designed and decorated in various hues, they sure attract everybody’s eyes. You can later use it to make the nursery of hanging pots. You can try them as they are a simple DIY decoration idea.

Plastic Bottle and Glitters-

Plastic bottle, sparkles, shades, and blossoms can do marvels, do you know that? If not, at that point, take out an unused plastic bottle, design it with sparkles, blossoms, and hues to make it unique and special. You can even place the candles to improve its look.

Diwali Lamps out of a Plastic Bottle-

You most likely have numerous 500ml plastic bottles around the house; here is a method to put them to some use. Pick scissors and cut the jug down the middle. Use the top portion of the bottles with the cover. With scissors’ help, make long slices through the plastic and twist it outwards, looking like a blossom. You can additionally shape the plastic to look like petals and stick some sparkle on every petal. Use a lamp in the middle as a light source & diwali gifts express delivery.

Your festivals take an entirely different meaning when you make your designs at home. It gives you and your children something to be involved with and unites the whole family. Your home will have a special touch, giving you a feeling of pride each time visitors come over. Not to overlook, you are offering the environment an enormous kindness with your special festivals. Put yourself in the festive spirit as you create your own Diwali decor.

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