Top 10 Education Companies in the World

Education is considered a recession-proof industry. However, when unprecedented situations like a pandemic, hit the economy, sectors like education should expect the worst. Amid worldwide lockdowns lifting off, the sector is still reeling and grappling to return to normal. While schools, universities, and colleges are still shut down, online education is becoming the norm.  

 Traditional in-class programs are now replaced with video classes. However, a few education companies took a new-age model a long time back and are now capitalizing on the paradigm shift in education. Let’s take a look at some of the world’s leading education companies. 

 American Public Education, Inc. 

  The company exclusively provides online post-secondary education to military and public service communities via two universities, namely American Military University ( AMU) and American Public University ( APU). Together, the universities constitute the American Public University System.  

 Edvantic, Inc

  The company caters to educational institutions including schools, universities, colleges, credentialing and accreditation bodies, and government agencies all over the world, by providing services and solutions that are meant to improve education and enhance the employability of anyone who intends to learn and grow in their career. The company operates the world’s leading credentialing bodies – DASCA, TMI, CBCA, USPEC, IBCA – in the areas of data science, talent management, blockchain, private equity, and investment banking, respectively.  


Archipelago Learning 


Archipelago Learning is a new age education company, riding the wave of newfound interest in subscription-based online education among millennials. The company caters to private and public schools by providing subscription to online education programs. 

Capella Education Company


 Online education is more accessible and affordable among people. Capella Education Company perhaps started on the same premise. The company operates Capella University, which provides post-secondary education by offering doctoral, master’s, and bachelor’s programs in the field of behavioral science, business management and technology, education, and public service leadership. 

K12 Inc. 


Founded in 2000, K12 Inc, is an education company that offers the curriculum and educational services for students in kindergarten through 12th grade. The company caters to both public schools and parents by providing its educational products. 

Bridgepoint Education 

 Post-secondary education is a focus for many world’s leading education companies. It is becoming a competitive space due to the high number of businesses operating in this space. Bridgepoint Education is one of the many well-established education companies. The company offers associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programs in psychology, social sciences, and health sciences.

 Scientific Learning Corporation 

 Scientific Learning Corporation is one of those companies that are focusing on improving the performance of students. Growth-oriented institutions realize that learning is a brain mechanism that requires focus and good mental health. The company offers education software to helps exercise their brain. Though the company sells a good software, it isn’t profitable yet. 

 Franklin Covey Company 

Franklin Covey Company is a world-renowned educational /consulting company. It offers execution, leadership, and personal effectiveness training. In simple words, the company works with its clients to help them perform at their highest level. The company counts 97 of the world’s Fortune 100 companies. 

 Universal Technical Institute

Vocational training is an emerging focus area in the education industry. Universal Technical Institute is a provider of post-secondary education in technical vocational areas for students interested in becoming automotive, diesel, collision repair, motorcycle, and marine technicians. 

  Lincoln Education Services Corporation 

  A large number of students don’t study past high school. This makes the high school graduates ineligible for some well-honed job roles in the industry. Lincoln Education Services Corporation provides career-oriented post-secondary education to high –school graduates and working adults to learn new skills and work in their chosen field. 

These companies have paved the way for new business models in the education industry. Post–pandemic, as in-class programs become less prominent, online education gains more traction, it would be interesting to see how these businesses evolve and scale their efforts. Will imparting education be as effective or better as promised by these companies? 


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