Pukhraj Stone: Tips to identify real | Benefits and Prices

Pukhraj stone
Pukhraj stone

Pukhraj stone is priceless for people in India. Many believe in astrology but some do not believe in it. An astrologer is that person who can tell you about your future by the position of the sun, the moon, and other planets. Many astrologers recommend gemstones according to your birth date. Mr. Pankaj khanna is the most experienced person who is also famous among the celebrities for his passion. He is famous in Delhi for his passion of astrologer and gemologist. He has a lot of experience in this field. Gemstones are the precious ones and to lessen the evil effects they are worn by people. From all the precious stones the Pukhraj gemstone is the most precious and very effective stone. The Pukhraj gem represents the Jupiter or Brihaspati planet and this stone is the most cherished gemstone in India. The real Pukhraj stone price depends on the quality and weight of the gemstones. Its English name is yellow sapphire. These stones are recommended by astrologers for some benefits for you. 

Three types of natural Pukhraj Stone are:

  • Ceylon 
  • Heated Ceylon 
  •  Bangkok 

The benefits of wearing this Pukhraj stone are: It protects the wearer from evil effects and benefits women the most in her married life. It helps women in getting love, good partner, successor, and pleasure in married life. It gives strength in the ability in difficult times to the person wearing it. It helps to make the right conclusion, being educated, and achievements. It is beneficial for the student who lacks confidence and facing problems in academics. It reduces the chances to get angry and provides pleasure and fearlessness.

To purify it, put it in pure holy Ganga river water, milk, water, and honey. It must be worn on the index finger of the right hand and women have to wear it in the left hand. You can buy it in the normal market but it must be considered by a person that if it is original or not. It is yellow and is authentic. You can buy this certified Pukhraj stone from shops that have government approval. You can search online about these shops and also get good quality stones. You can order this online and get home delivery. You can do online payment and their prices are fixed according to their quality. These shops are opened by those astrologers that are approved by govt. so that’s why original Pukhraj stone price in India is based on its weight.

Pukhraj stone is one of the most powerful yet harmless rocks. There are no major rules attached to it. Nor do you need to fear anything while wearing it or prohibit yourself from eating or drinking anything. However, you need to check if it is a pure gem, non-heated, or treated in the lab. It should not have internal cracks. An internal inclusion is natural in rock but no cracks. It is a stone of wisdom and it works like a Guru in your life. It will lead you automatically towards a healthy life and wisdom.


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