3 Tips for Starting a Watch Collection the Right Way

3 Tips for Starting a Watch Collection the Right Way

The market for vintage and luxury watches is piping hot at the moment, and if you want a solid investment that will appreciate for years, watches are a perfect option. Although the world of watch collecting can seem intimidating at first glance, it is still possible to find great pieces fast with a little bit of research.

If you want to constantly make the right purchases, however, and know exactly where to buy and sell pieces, you will need to go a bit more in-depth and be ready to do your homework. You also need to start with a solid plan and budget so that you don’t burn yourself on your first pieces. Let’s take a look at how to start a watch collection properly.

Learn the Basics

The first thing you have to do is start researching the world of horology in detail. You can then start looking at the history of different brands and pieces. Knowing about watches before you start looking at specific models is very important as it will allow you to understand how the watch movements work, which is one of the biggest indicators of value in a piece.

A piece with a unique and prized movement will always get the attention of collectors and knowing how to identify the type of movement a watch uses will allow you to value them much faster. You also need to know the difference between mechanical and quartz watches and about different types of watches, among other things.

Narrow Down Your Selection

Focusing on your collection will come with lots of benefits. First of all, you will start becoming an expert in that area and will be much better at finding great pieces. You will also have much less trouble selling your pieces since you will be seen as more credible and people with the same interest as you may end up buying multiple pieces from you.

Some people will want to stick to the iconic pieces, while others may want to stick to one specific model. You can also choose watches from a particular designer or focus on vintage pieces only. The choice is yours, but just make sure that you pick a niche that you’re genuinely attracted to and don’t mind researching.

Find a Reputable Dealer

Once you have a few models in mind, you can look for a reputable dealer in your area. Make sure that the person has a solid reputation for great pieces and service and try to go for a dealer that will give you counsel on which types of watches you should buy.

Suppliers like regalhattongarden.co.uk, for instance, will sit down with you, look at your criteria, and help you choose from a wide selection of models. A good dealer is like gold in this business and if you find the right one, they could follow you throughout your watch-collecting journey and might even buy some pieces from you, so take as much time as you can look at different dealers until you find one you can trust and have a good rapport with.

Watches are one of the best investments you can make and one of the most interesting as well. Start your collection on the right foundation and try to get as much knowledge about watches and the industry in general so you can develop true expertise in that niche.


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