9 Tips for making an impressive presentation at home during this pandemic

9 Tips for making an impressive presentation at home during this pandemic9 Tips for making an impressive presentation at home during this pandemic

More than 60% of people are working from home due to the pandemic. That means that while attending meetings and looking after the house, kids, doing daily chores, you also have to give enough time to create impressive presentations. You don’t have enough time to create a presentation and get it edited by someone. You have to be quick on your feet and tackle this, and other works as most of us are working double from home due to quarantine. So, follow these tips for making an impressive presentation at home during this pandemic.

Now, a presentation is crucial to your meeting. It is the tool that will get your message across to the people, and promote your agenda. For instance, a teacher who is taking online classes may have to create a presentation showing what and how she will be teaching her class.

So, the presentation has to be impressive, short, appealing, and relevant to the subject. While creating a PPT, make sure you don’t only work on creating it, but also on delivering it. If you make the best presentation, but fail to deliver it, its effect would be the same.

Tips for making an impressive presentation

Not sure what to do? Well, read these tips to create an impressive presentation, and go from there.

1.      Pick the right tool

Of course, most of us opt for Microsoft presentations when it comes to creating a slideshow for a meeting or proposal. It is one of the best tools, but there are more tools too that are quicker and easier to use. One of them is Canva. With Canva slideshow maker, you can make use of templates which makes creating a ppt easier and quicker.

Also, you can run this PPT directly by signing in to the Canva website. There is no need to download or save the ppt on the laptop or a pen drive. Sharing the same is easier too.

2.      Know the audience

this is one of the great tips for making an impressive presentation. The audience will focus on what you are presenting, and if it is something that doesn’t interest them, they will lose focus. So, that is why you must know who your audience is.

Make sure you are aware of what they know or don’t know about the topic of the meeting. After that, you can create a ppt and deliver it accordingly. For instance, if the prospects don’t know your success rate regarding the field, focus on the statistics too, and not only the plan for getting the results.

3.      The structure of the PPT should be easy to follow

The structure of the PPT should be easy to follow

The best way to engage people with your PPT is to break it into- introduction, a body, and a conclusion. These three parts of the PPT will help you compel the audience to listen and act.

  • Introduction: It needs to be short and compelling. Tell people what the presentation is about and how it helps them.
  • Body: The facts, statistics, graphs, infographics, and so on are part of the body. It is evidence of your claim about the topic.
  • Conclusion: It must include takeaways from the whole ppt and go back to the introduction.

Also, keep in mind to not go beyond 10 slides otherwise, no one will pay attention to it.

4.      Pay attention to design

A presentation will appeal only when its design is engaging enough. You don’t need to hire a designer to create compelling slides, use Canva for this. It is free and has tons of templates that can help you. Also, keep these designing tips in mind:

Don’t go overboard with colors. It can help emphasize a point, but if you use more than one or two colors, it can create confusion. Be consistent with using colors that go best with your message. Also, using your brand colors can be great. These tips for making an impressive presentation are the best.

Stick to one font and one size (you can change the font and size of heading and text). If you keep switching between fonts there would be no consistency. You can emphasize a specific part by voicing it differently, but the text needs to be consistent.

5.      Edit it multiple times

Editing is equally important when it comes to delivering a great presentation. I will say it is more important than creating it. If you don’t edit or look for flaws, it can get embarrassing for you while presenting it. So, keep these tips in mind:

  • Check your spelling and grammar using Grammar
  • Ask your family or a colleague to give it a look
  • Make sure the sentences are short and crisp.
  • Ensure that the design of the PPT is well.

6.      Be honest

While presenting the story, don’t become a robot reciting the facts. Be human which means be honest, use humor, start with a story, or a casual introduction, and so on. If you have a great opening, it will help you engage more people.

Also, if you are uncomfortable, let it show. Showing up for delivering the ppt is a big thing, and once you start speaking, you will become comfortable.

7. Make eye contact

Make eye contact

One of the most important parts of delivering a great presentation is making eye contact with your audience. Whether you are presenting in a meeting or talking about a topic at an event, if you continuously look at your slide or your notes, your audience would not feel any connection with you.

So, you must know what you are saying if you are uncomfortable speaking, practice speaking in the mirror. But make sure you make eye contact so that you can engage the audience with your expressions.

8. Use multimedia in your presentation

No matter what topic you are presenting on, having some facts with you is important. You cannot claim without statistics, so use numbers via charts and infographics to show that. Moreover, you can include images or videos inside the slides to make a better point. This is also one of the best tips for making an impressive presentation at home.

9. Start with a story

Sometimes starting with a story helps you compel or engage the audience with your presentation. So, maybe you can tell a personal incident or talk about a story that is on everyone’s mind or something that people are unaware of. Having a great opening can work wonders for you, and this can give you one.

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