Tips for First-Timer Travel to Singapore

Singapore is one of the best destinations you can visit during the holiday season. If you’re planning to visit Singapore for the first time, you should be really following these simple tips. It is about getting there and picking the best hotel to stay in during your time in Singapore. Singapore is a fun small country to visit for the first time, so let’s find out!


Pick the right outfit

Singapore is a small tropical country that is located right between Indonesia and Malaysia. That means the temperature will be warm, rainy, and hot. Get your best comfortable outfit with you whenever you get outside. A casual outfit fits best in Singapore. Do not wear a thick jacket or mantel. A simple shirt with pants would be the best. The average temperature is 25 to 31 degrees. Don’t forget to wear sneakers and wear sunscreen to protect your skin from the damage of sunburn. 

Singapore has two seasons like most countries in Southeast Asia. The rainy season will be from November to January. If you don’t want to get wet, it is better to visit them during the dry season.


Set a schedule to make your holiday experience optimal

You might have seen people travel to Singapore for a short time, like 3 days. Although Singapore is a small country, it doesn’t mean it can be explored in a short time. So, you’d better plan to spend a week discovering new things in Singapore. It would be great for you to set schedules to explore Singapore’s destinations.

Singapore offers plenty of attractions, from beaches to artificial gardens in the city. Make sure you have created your bucket list with destinations and spots to see. For example, Universal Studio Singapore, Art Science Museum, Marina Bay Sands, and Gardens by the Bay.

Those are the must-see spots with the spectacular scenery you have never seen. The other parts of the country you can visit are mostly located nearby one to another.


Try to walk around

If you’re a worker behind the desk, you’d better take a walk in exploring. Singapore is one of the best countries in Southeast Asia for pedestrians. It is pretty fun to walk around the city. The wide sidewalk is your best path to discover the hidden treasure in the city.

It’s a good idea to prepare footwear that is comfortable for a long walk. This is also a golden opportunity for you to activate workout tracking on your smartphone or smartwatch. So that you’ll be more excited to go for a walk during your vacation in Singapore.

It even provides trekking in the city called Southern Ridges. The track crosses the beautiful Henderson Waves and other great spots.


Get your meals at Hawker Center

You might be expecting to have delicious food at a fancy restaurant in Singapore. In order to get your money saved, you can explore its Hawker Centre, a spot to find affordable food with various food stalls. This spot is one of the popular spots to have your food well served.

Rich culinary options from Asian to Western are available. This spot is the best place to eat for a budget traveler. The taste surely won’t be disappointing!

Explore its iconic places

Singapore has numerous iconic spots such as Gardens by the Bay and Universal Studio Singapore. You can actually find the best places to see its neighborhood in a closer look. Visit Kampong Glam, Little India, and Chinatown. These places are your best spots to see the life of locals with its rich culture.

By visiting these neighborhoods, you will get a different experience than the usual tourist vacation by taking a closer look at the life and culture of the Singaporean people. Besides that, you can also shop for unique local products here.


You should get a local SIM card

Even though there are plenty of WiFi hotspots in Singapore, you can’t entirely count on it for communication. You can buy a local SIM card to get a better connection. The local SIM card will help you communicate while getting around the city.


Stay in a budget hotel

If you’re traveling in Budget to Singapore, you shouldn’t worry about accommodation. There are plenty of affordable hotels to stay in. It is also the main consideration to have effective and efficient expenses on traveling. So, be wise to get the best place to stay.

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