7 tips for cleaning the glass in office buildings

tips for cleaning the glass in office buildings

Today we are giving you interesting tips for cleaning the glass in office buildings that will help you to ensure streak-free and hygienic cleanliness – regardless of whether you are cleaning the inside or outside of the glass.

Cleaning the glass is one of the recurring tasks that are particularly important in offices. Because how carefully windows and glass surfaces are cleaned becomes clear than at the latest when light shines through the glasses on a sunny day. It not only shows dirt from rain or environmental influences, but also streaks, fingerprints, and other unsightly residues.

Clean windows, glass facades, glass doors, glass roofs, and the cleaning of glass doors in office buildings pose challenges for companies. But what is the best way to cope with this without affecting everyday office life or making office spaces look neglected?

Tips for cleaning the glass in office buildings

professional glass cleaning service


What role do periods, work equipment, or professional glass cleaning service play? We have summarized the most important facts and tips for glass cleaning in office buildings in this blog post.

1. Use the best time to clean glass!

The windows should of course be cleaned at the latest when they are dirty. However, cleaning-intensive periods are particularly in spring and autumn, because this is where there are increased pollen and stick deposits.

Avoid using plaster in direct sunlight. You might think that this makes all soiling particularly visible, but the sun dries windows too quickly when cleaning glass, for example, and causes rapid water evaporation, which can result in unsightly streaks.

Tips for cleaning the glass in office buildings: Bright days that make stains and dirt visible are ideal for cleaning glass surfaces in office buildings. Especially in the summer months, the morning hours can be used particularly effectively here, without strong sunlight quickly undoing all cleaning measures through evaporation.

If there is frost in winter, on the other hand, it is advisable to use a special cleaning agent with anti-freeze to prevent the water from freezing on the window and the resulting streaks.

2. Rely on regular glass cleaning in office buildings!

So far, your office windows and glass surfaces have only been cleaned when they are very dirty? Then not only does the glass cleaning turn out to be much more complex, but the impression of neglected office space may also have burned itself into employees and business partners.

Rely on regular window or glass maintenance, such as cleaning glass doors in the office. If these are cleaned in a certain rhythm, there is usually only a low degree of soiling and you ensure that everyone in the office feels comfortable and enjoys working there.

Tips for cleaning the glass in office buildings: Plan glass cleaning in routine cleaning. Maintenance is not forgotten and heavily soiled windows are a thing of the past forever.

3. Correctly counteract stubborn dirt!

Even with regular cleaning, it can occasionally lead to contamination e.g. B. paint, feces, grease stains, etc. come that are difficult to solve.

Please do not use any sharp, pointed utensils such as knives or scrapers if there is stubborn dirt. These can lead to unsightly scratches in the glass, which in turn are particularly prone to new soiling.

Tip for cleaning glass: Either soak the stain well first and/or work with professional tools such as cloths, cleaning agents, or high-pressure cleaners. This not only applies to windows but also to cleaning glass doors, for example with grease stains.

4. Consider all glass surfaces!

Tips for cleaning the glass in office buildings: Glass care not only includes all windows or glass facades in offices. Glass doors, partitions, counters, desks, and other objects and sub-elements made of glass are particularly use-intensive and therefore more frequently affected by contamination such as fingerprints.

Interesting note: Especially when cleaning glass doors, it can be helpful if you regularly remove fingerprints with a glass cleaner. The entire surface does not have to be cleaned every time. For quick cleaning in between, a suitable cloth and a few splashes of glass cleaner are sufficient and the fingerprints will disappear reliably.

5. Tips for cleaning the glass in office buildings: Exterior glass cleaning is only in compliance with important safety precautions!

Exterior glass cleaning

Outside glass cleaning can pose a potential hazard in hard-to-reach places such as facades. Especially when no professional service provider has been commissioned to clean the glass in office buildings, but someone takes on this work internally, for example.

Adhere to the applicable safety regulations in advance and make sure that the scaffolding, cleaning equipment, etc. always take safety into account when cleaning glass.

Because the health of employees is always in the foreground and should never be disregarded when cleaning outside the glass. Otherwise, careless action could have serious health consequences. This is one of the best tips for cleaning the glass in office buildings.

6. Choose a reliable service provider for glass cleaning!

You don’t have the time to look after windows and doors in the office? You don’t want to make compromises not only in terms of cleanliness but also in terms of the safety of the cleaning measures?

The solution: professional service and tips for cleaning the glass in office buildings! Hire an office or house cleaning company with an experienced service provider to clean the glass in office buildings. Find out in advance which services the respective provider, for example in the Stuttgart area, has in store for you.

With the help of a non-binding offer, you will get a quick overview of all possible services and the associated prices. There are no hidden costs and you ensure transparency right from the start.

7. Compare providers and hold personal discussions!

What experience does the selected service provider have in everything to do with cleaning? How does he go about implementation? Which cleaning agents and tools are used? At what intervals, on what days, and at what time is cleaning done? Is there a specific contact person for questions, requests, or problems?

We would be happy to show you references that prove that the professional service and tips for cleaning the glass in office buildings have already gained experience in the field of glass cleaning in office buildings.

Know-how, a well-coordinated cleaning team as well as modern equipment for window and glass surface cleaning guarantee that all tasks in your office are carried out according to plan.

During a meeting with you on-site, you can also show the contractor what is important when it comes to cleaning the glass in your office buildings.


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