Tips by phone repair shops in Newcastle to protect your screen from scratches

phone repair shops in Newcastle

Smartphones are one of the most important pieces of technology people carry daily. Not only are they great for keeping in touch with friends and family, but they’re also essential for staying current with the latest news and information. That being said, smartphones come with many potential liabilities – like the risk of them getting scratched or damaged somehow. If you’re worried about protecting your phone’s screen from scratches, read on for some tips from phone repair shop experts!

Tips by phone repair shops in Newcastle to protect your screen from scratches

Use a Screen Protector

If you’re like most people, you probably treat your smartphone like it’s a precious jewel. After all, it contains all your personal data and is a key part of your daily routine. However, that doesn’t mean you should take risks with its screen. If you’re not careful, scratches and other damage to your smartphone’s screen can happen quickly and without warning.

Here are some tips from an electronic repair shop in Newcastle to help protect your smartphone’s screen from scratches and other damage:

1) Use a Screen Protector: One of the best ways to protect your smartphone’s screen from scratches and other damage is to use a screen protector. Not only will this help keep the screen looking great, but it’ll also protect it against dust, dirt, and other debris. To find the right one for your phone, search online or visit your local hardware store and try a few different options.

2) Avoid Direct Contact With the Screen: Another way to avoid damaging your smartphone’s screen is to avoid direct contact with it. If you need to type on the keyboard or use other touch-based features, try to do so by holding the phone at an angle or using an accessory such as a case or hand strap.

3) Keep Your Smartphone Away From Extreme Temperatures and Humidity: Finally, keep in mind that extremes in temperature or humidity can also cause damage to screens. So if you live in a hot climate or are frequently exposed to moisture

Keep Your Phone Dry

  1. Keep your smartphone dry! This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s surprising how many people don’t bother to do this. A wet screen will attract dirt and dust, scratching the phone’s surface. Not only is this unsightly, but it can also damage the phone’s display.
  1. Avoid using a case made of silicone or rubber. These materials will cause water to bead up on the phone’s surface and then bead up again when you move the phone around, which will cause even more scratches.
  1. Avoid letting your phone sit in water or other wet substances for long periods. Even if you’re taking a quick break from work to answer some emails in a cafe, try not to leave your phone in the sink for too long.
  1. When you need to put your smartphone in water or another wet substance, try to do so as quickly as possible and immediately dry it off with a towel or an air-drying cloth. If you wait too long, the moisture inside the device will start corroding parts of the battery and internal components such as circuits and speakers

Get a Case

Like most people, you use your smartphone more than any other electronic device. That means it’s also susceptible to scratches and scrapes. Here are a few tips for keeping your screen safe:

  1. Get a case: A case will help protect your smartphone from scratches and scrapes. There are many different types of cases available, so find one that fits your style and personality.
  1. Use a screen protector: A screen protector is another way to protect your smartphone’s screen from scratches and scrapes. They come in various shapes and sizes, so finding the perfect one for your phone is easy.
  1. Avoid dropping your phone: If you drop your phone, it will likely fall on its face or onto a hard surface. This can lead to cracks in the screen or other damage.

Use a Fingerprint scanner

  1. Use a fingerprint scanner to unlock your phone.
  2. Keep your phone in a case that protects the screen from scratches.
  3. Don’t use your phone while it’s charging; don’t leave it on the ground where it can be stepped on or dropped.

We hope these tips help you keep your smartphone’s screen smooth and clear. In case of slight damage, don’t forget to consult an experienced phone repair shop in Newcastle, like Nano Repairs.


What causes screen scratches on smartphones?

Screen scratches can be caused by many things, such as dropping your phone, placing it in a pocket or bag with keys or other sharp objects, or using abrasive materials to clean the screen.

How can I prevent screen scratches on my smartphone?

You can use a screen protector to prevent screen scratches, keep your phone in a protective case, and avoid placing it in the same pocket or bag as sharp objects.

Can I remove existing screen scratches on my smartphone?

It depends on the severity of the scratches. Minor scratches can be removed with a toothpaste or baking soda mixture and a soft cloth. However, deep scratches may require professional repair or replacement of the screen.

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