5 Things To Avoid When You Have Asthma

things to avoid when you have asthma

Asthma is one of the most untamable diseases that you find in your regular life. This disease closes down the airways that are otherwise used for breathing. With different ailments that are related to asthma and related to breathing exercises, the propensity of developing a trigger of asthma in this condition of weather changes and the epidemic is of high chance. Hence additional care must also be taken to remain safer. In this article, we will tell you things to avoid when you have asthma.

Doctors from all over the world have come up with the primary advice that during this pandemic asthma patient must not refrain from taking their regular dosage of prescribed medicine even if he/she feels better.

Right at this condition, this chronic disease patients must try hard to keep their chronic asthma under control and be aware of things that trigger their asthma. By following some of the simple things in regular life, the same can be fixed, and hence it is likely the choice for you to go through the same now. Some of the things that should be kept in mind to keep asthma under control include the following-

Things To Avoid When You Have Asthma

  1. Identify Asthma Triggering Elements-

The primary step that must be taken to keep asthma under control is that of identifying asthma triggering elements. Some of common asthma triggering elements include that tobacco, strong fragrances. Extra tiring activities like swimming, core exercises, cycling can also trigger asthma in many cases. Sudden changes in weather conditions can also act as an asthma triggering element. Avoiding the extensive use of air condition, thus, is advisable.

Other agents like moles, cockroaches are also responsible for worsening asthma. As it is very difficult to identify all the elements that trigger asthma, in case a patient comes in contact with any of the elements that can probably trigger asthma, it is necessary to bring the situation under control. Patients must have inhalers like Asthalin Inhaler 100mcg for their daily needs.

  1. Avoid Allergens-

Avoid Allergens

Allergy is one of the things to avoid when you have asthma. If a patient suffers from allergy and asthma, it is necessary to maintain a safe distance from all kinds of allergens (things causing allergy). Exposure to an allergen can vehemently increase the inflammation in the airways which in turn can result in causing an asthma attack.

  1. Allergy-Proof the Living Space-

However costly the idea mat suggests, there are various ways by which one can allergy proof the house. Exposing the bed sheets, pillows, and blankets to sunray can help in destroying microorganisms that otherwise are invisible through naked eyes and are responsible for causing allergies that might provoke asthma.

  1. Avoid Smoke of Any Kind-

People tend to consider cigarette smoke as the only kind of smoke that causes asthma. This is to keep in mind that any kind of smoke is capable of triggering chronic disease. Smokes generated from scented sticks, burning of coal, fuel, while cooking can cause asthma too. Hence it is recommended to keep away from smoke and avoid stuffy areas to lessen the chance of getting an asthma attack.

  1. Take Asthma Medication without a Fail-

Of all the measures listed; this is the most important measure that a patient with asthma must follow. An asthma patient must not skip the regular prescribed dosage of medicine even if he/she is feeling better. Interrupted intake of medicine can cause uncomforting symptoms and might hinder the proper functioning of the body. Patients suffering from asthma are advised to use Asthalin for daily needs and keep other medicines handy.

When asthma is triggered, it tightens the muscles around the airways and causes inflammation. This in return makes the lining of the airways swell, as a result of which sticky and thick mucus is formed which makes breathing the most difficult of all tasks. While Mild asthma attacks include symptoms like the tightening of the chest, quickened breathing at rest, coughing(especially) at night, getting out of breath and wheezing, and can be taken care of, severe asthma attacks need the call of an emergency. So, these things to avoid when you have asthma that we are listed above.

Take Asthma Medication without a Fail

Primary symptoms that follow severe asthma attacks might include the following-

  • Being too short of breath (even to talk)
  • Extreme difficulty in breathing
  • Dizziness, light-headedness, or the feeling of passing out
  • Lips or fingers turning bluish

As the lung fails to take in life-supporting oxygen and give out carbon die oxide, in situations like this, the brain can get severely damaged eventually resulting in the demise of a person. If a patient suffering from asthma experiences any of the above-mentioned symptoms, it is necessary to call the doctor immediately without delaying for a moment. Families of such patients must keep Asthalin for daily needs as well as for controlling emergencies.

Asthma is indeed a deadly ailment and if you have got it you must have to take special care in the same to remain safe. There can be triggers on the same at any time and when the trigger comes to you, you find things to be helpless.  Although you keep the inhalers always with you, at the time of triggers, you might even forget about the same, out of agony and panic. Still, you must note the things to be done to void your triggers.

When the trigger itself can be avoided, then there is absolutely no need for panicking – hence take care of the same, with measures stated above and be healthy in your life with proper protection, all the time. Remember one thing very clearly that it is breathing trouble and hence anything related to your lungs or your breathing system is of high chance to affect you.

It is therefore very much important that you take care of your asthmatic health your, not only to remain safe from asthma itself but even to remain protected from some of the things to avoid when you have asthma and protected from deadly viruses that affect your lungs and respiratory system. If possible, do some breathing exercises too. This will completely eradicate the thing from you and hence your life will be easy again, as was before you developed asthma.

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