Theo Von Net Worth and Sources of Income

Theo Von Net Worth and Sources of Income

You must know Theo Von for his unique Louisiana accent and wonderful and fearless talent of storytelling. He has been working on American Television for a very long time doing podcasts, comedy, and acting. He is earning much more than other comedians in the industry. The Theo Von Net Worth is about 500 thousand dollars that are equal to 0.5 million dollars. His yearly income is almost $100 thousand.

He is earning an extensive amount of 8,333.33 dollars almost every month. His per day income is almost equal to the per month salary of an average person living in America that is $1,923.08. If you think that the source of income of Theo is limited to only his acting career then you might be wrong.

Theo is earning from different places to increase his net worth. His career got kicked after the reality shows the Road Rules: Maximum Velocity Tour. He first chose stand-up comedy as his profession and he did stand-up comedy in many tv shows and live broadcasts. He is also a podcaster, and this also helps him a lot to enhance his net worth.

The storytelling style of Theo supports his career very much because people love his style and can listen to his stories for a long time because of his exceptional communication skills. His stories about his past amuse people differently. He is one of the finest comedians on the American television screen.

Teo has earned a valuable reputation as a television personality. He wins the hearts of the people because of his amazing skills. He has learned and earned a lot in the past few years. He is not only a comedian but also a very fine actor. He has performed in many tv shows and series. His actions proved that he has in-born acting talent.

He can do funny as well as serious acting in his best way. People love him, that’s why he has 1.4 million followers on his Instagram official account. He also has a large fan following on Twitter, almost 388.7k people follow him.

When he took part in Comedy Central Stand Up, which was held in 2012, he received love from people and that increased his fan following. After that, Theo Von Net Worth started increasing and till now he has achieved a lot in his life. He also performed in many shows Chelsea, Arsenio Hall Show, Hello Ross, and many others that helped to increase his bank balance. He is also getting money from the selling of tickets for his different shows. As a comedian, the most honorable movement for him is when he won Fan Favorite. He is also gathering money from his famous tours.

Lifestyle according to Theo Von Net Worth

Lifestyle according to Theo Von Net Worth

The lifestyle of Theo Von is almost different in every aspect from the average person in America. He is living a lavish lifestyle nowadays that he never lived before. Theo Von Net Worth supports the gorgeous life that makes him different from others. If we talk about his dressing style, then we can say that we can estimate his net worth by just looking at his outfits. His dressing sense differs somewhat from others.

He always wears new styles of outfits in his shots and shows. You can see him inexpensive dresses on different award shows. He spends a large part of his income on his dressing style. His shoes and glasses are mostly branded. He spends almost 2 to 4 thousand dollars on his outfits.

Do you know about his store? Yes, he has his store. As he is famous among people, they want to follow him. People like his dressing style, that’s why they like to dress up like him. He has his store in which there are not only clothes but also other accessories. He has T-shirts, pants, and shoes in his store with his tags and pictures.

There are also water bottles and socks with beautiful designs. He also earns from his store that adds to its net worth. When we discuss the cars in which he wants to travel, then we can say that he wants to make his road trips as simple as he can to show them real.

He has to make videos on his road trips and tours so he uses simple cars such as Toyota Highlander. This car is not according to Theo Von Net Worth, but he likes this car and you can see him always traveling in that car. He also tries his best to maintain his health. In his YouTube video, he told his fans that he almost tries to follow ketogenic diets to keep his weight in balance.

He also performs workouts to maintain his body. You can often see his pics in the gym on his Instagram page so you can estimate that he is a very health-conscious man. So if you want a body like Theo Von then you must have to spend your hours in the gym.

Theo Von Net Worth Supports his House

Theo Von Net Worth Supports his House


In 2014, Theo Von bought a house that cost almost 50 thousand dollars. He bought the mansion of Vanderbilt. The area of this house is almost 5000 square feet. This house is beautifully decorated, and it is up to date. There are 5 bedrooms in this house. All the bedrooms are fully furnished and have all the accessories that are needed to take a rest.

The furniture of the rooms shows Theo Von Net Worth because it is so expensive. Every bedroom has a comfortable double bed along with a Devan on its end. There is also a coach in the room and a computer table to work on it. The 2 windows of the room open in different places, such as the former open on the lawn.

6 bathrooms in this house are fully luxurious and no less than five-star hotel bathrooms. When we talk about the kitchen of this house, then this type of spacious kitchen you have never seen before. The kitchen of this house occupies a large space. There is a proper sitting system in the boundaries of the kitchen.

There is also a proper chimney system in the house in front of sofa sittings. So they can burn the fire in its kitchen when necessary. This kitchen has a white cupboard that adds to the uniqueness of this house. A fully equipped kitchen is perfect for chef cooking. The large windows show the beautiful scenery outside.

When we move outside the house, there is a beautiful lawn. This lawn has a small pool for decoration that not only adds to the beauty of this house but also improves the scenes that they look at from their bedrooms. This beautiful lawn is on the backside of the house. In the house’s front, you can see that it is beautifully decorated with stones.

The outside structure of the house differs from traditional-style houses in America. This house is best for inviting friends and doing late-night parties. The reception area of the house is marvelous so whenever the guests come they always praise the interior design of the house. The living rooms and guest rooms of the house are also full of expensive furniture according to Theo Von Net Worth.

Personal life of Theo Von

Personal life of Theo Von


Theo has a long dating history. He has been previously involved in relationships with at least 3 girls for almost three years. In 2001, media spotted him in a relationship with Coral Smith who is a reality television host. In the Road rules contest, he met Sarah Greyson in 2003 and fell in love with her. They remained in a relationship for almost a year or 2, but then they broke up. The reason for their breakup is still unknown. Then he has been involved in a relationship with Brandi Glanville, who is a television personality, and a fashion designer. They both met on a show and started liking each other.

Their relationship remained in the spotlight for a long time. They share several pics on social media. They also tweet about each other which shows their love and affection. Theo often visited Glanville’s house and they posted this information also on social media. They broke up for unknown reasons, but Glanville said in a tweet that she left Theo because he cheated him, but Theo remained silent.

Life History of Theo Von

Life History of Theo Von

Theodor Capitani von Kurnatowski, who is famous as Theo Von, was born on March 19, 1980. His father’s name is Roland Von Kurnatowski Sr. and his mother was Gina Capitani. When he was born, his father was almost 70 years old. Von got two descents as his mother is Italian and Irish and his father is an American native.

He grew up in Covington, Louisiana. He has 3 siblings, two sisters, and one older brother. The unique thing about the childhood of Theo is that when he was fourteen years old, he got the Emancipation of minors that means he is free from the guidance of his parents. His parents no longer attend to him.

From Mandeville High School, he completed his graduation. He also joined the University of Arizona, Louisiana State University, and Santa Monica College for some time. In the television industry, he stepped when he was only nineteen. He has played in the seasons of road rules and also performed in The Challenge, MTV’s reality game show. Then his career began, and he started getting fame, and he earned a lot from these shows which are the great contribution of Theo Von net worth.

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