The Professor Net Worth and Sources of Income

The Professor Net Worth and Sources of Income

If you have an interest in sports and outdoor games, then this article is very interesting for you because today we shall talk about The Professor Net Worth. Grayson Boucher is well known as The Professor. He is not only a streetball player but also a fine Hollywood actor. The net worth of The Professor is somewhere between 2.5 to 3 million dollars, or according to some statisticians, it is more than that.

He had a keen interest in basketball at the very start of his childhood. He played games with his scroll and college teams. Now he is a part of ANDI and most of his income comes from this. He also earned a lot from his different films that not only increased his wealth but also fame.

The most famous movies by The Professor are Semi-Pro, Phenom and Ball Don’t Lie. These movies earned a lot for him and helped to increase his net worth. Do you know about his YouTube channel? If you are a big fan of The Professor, then you must follow him on his YouTube channel. He has a very successful YouTube channel that is a permanent source of income for him.

He is generating an extensive amount of wealth from his channel. YouTube gives dollars for every 1000 monetized views. He has millions of subscribers on his YouTube channel; almost 6 million. He gets almost 12 to 18 million views on each video. Sometimes Google Preferred ads select his videos for highly paid ads. He also earns a lot from the red viewers that paid YouTube for good content.

He is earning almost 5000 dollars per day from his YouTube channel. That is a vast amount. This amount is much more than the per monthly income of the average person living in America. He earned almost 12 million dollars per year from his channel. The video that gets the highest views is ‘Professor vs Trash Talker 1v1 for $100’. This video got 76 million views, which is a significant achievement of The Professor on YouTube.

The name of his YouTube channel is ‘Professor Live’. You can also subscribe to his channel. He posts different types of basketball videos on his YouTube channel. Grayson often dresses up as a superhero and then plays. He has a wonderful series of Spiderman Basketball that got up to 12 million views.

Professor Net Worth proves he worked hard to reach this level of success. He is a very fine international streetball player, and this is the primary source of income for him. Because all other sources are related to his streetball career. His YouTube channel is also based on his skills and stunts in basketball.

He started his career from AND1 just for entertainment but he never knew that this thing would make him so successful shortly. The Professor has visited many countries for basketball tournaments. He is famous for his stylish stents and amazing performance in streetball all over the world. He has a large community of fans because of his in-born basketball skills.

LifeStyle according to The Professor Net Worth

LifeStyle according to The Professor Net Worth

When you hear about the net worth of The Professor, then you must imagine his lifestyle. He is one of those people in America who wears the most expensive brands in the country. As you know The Professor Net Worth is coming from AND1, then you know that it is a clothing or footwear factory located in America. This company is the base of The Professor’s career.

He does the brand endorsements of this company. He travels around the world and promotes his products. This company makes wonderful basketball shoes that are not only comfortable but also beautiful. As he is one of the biggest sports influencers in the country, that’s why people follow him and he is one of the reasons for this company’s large sales.

People also follow his casual dressing style that is also awesome like his tournaments. He is a very simple person and his simplicity shows in his dressing. Although he wears thousands of dollars’ clothes, his outfits are simple and unique to others. That’s the reason people want to follow him. Many merchants sell his clothes at very reasonable rates.

The T-shirts with his pictures and autographs are very famous among his fans and they usually buy them to show their love for our basketball hero. He has over 11 million followers on his different social media accounts. This increases the influence on people and The Professor Net Worth.

The Professor Net Worth supports his Cars

At the start of his career, he mostly used rental cars and this cost much for him. Gradually, his career started growing and enabled him to buy his car. Professor Net Worth supports his interest in sports cars. He is very fond of sports cars and he bought many of them on different occasions in his life. He frequently changes his sports cars when he finds a new car that is better than the old one. The original car that has always remained in use by this streetball player is the Mercedes-Benz E-500. He owned this car years ago, and he has been using this car for many years. The price of this car is almost 250 thousand dollars.

When did Professor start his Acting Career?

The acting career of The Professor

Grayson Boucher thought he could also do acting in TV series and films so he tried his luck by using his sources and he succeeded in getting a chance in the movies. He first proved his acting skills in a sports comedy movie named Semi-Pro in which he portrayed the character of Spirits Player #31 / Spurs Player #22.

His role was in the latter half of the film in which he proved that he is a good actor and can portray anyone. In his 2nd film named Ball Don’t Lie, he succeeded in getting the lead role and he portrayed Sticky. This film is based on a book but unfortunately, this film was never released although he appeared in many film festivals.

Acting is one of the sources that increase The Professor Net Worth. In an interview, he said that he is very fond of superhero rules and wanted to perform a role like Spiderman. He never got such a role that’s why he started a series of Spiderman basketball on his YouTube channel in which you can see him in the costume of Spiderman. So he fulfilled this dream also like the other ones. He also wrote a ball-handling book in which he tells about his workout routine and tips for different stunts. The name of this guide is Super-Human Dribbling.

Personal Life of The Professor (Grayson Boucher)

As far as the personal life Grayson is concerned, there is very little information about his past relationship on social media. He tries his best to keep his relationships and private life a secret. After so much research on his past relationship, we just came to know that he was possibly in a relationship in the last few years. He kept his girlfriend away from social media and did not tell anyone in the media about his relationships. So the name of his ex-girlfriend is still confidential. He is single nowadays. He is a very handsome young man and The Professor Net Worth is very large so he could not remain single for so long.

Personal Life of The Professor (Grayson Boucher)


Grayson Boucher has been indifferent to controversy for many years. When a man becomes popular, many controversies arise to lower the level of his fame but he is one of those people who let down all the negative things about him. He was also addicted to drugs, and they proved dangerous for him. From the overdose of acetaminophen and hydrocodone, he almost died. His luck is always with him, that’s why he is living a healthy life nowadays. In 2020, he attended a rehabilitation center and got rid of his bad habits. He caught COVID-19 in October 2020. He is now completely well and is healthy.

Life History of The Professor (Grayson Boucher)

Grayson Boucher(The Professor) was born in the USA on 10th June 1984. He spent his childhood in Keizer, Oregon. He said in an interview that his interest in basketball developed when he was only 3 years old. His father gave him a gift of a Larry Bird Hoops set. His parents are Steve and Molly Boucher. He is now 27 years old.

He is a very attractive young man. His height is almost 1.77 m. he belongs to the white race and his dark brown eyes add to the beauty of his personality. Grayson’s body weight is 70 Kg, which is ideal for his height. He joined McNary High School for his primary education. He participated in basketball at his school.

After school, he was sent to Salem Academy for higher studies. But soon he joined Chemeketa Community College. He played basketball also in his college and made his name in basketball in college communities when there were tournaments between different schools. He took part in AND1 by making his team for entertainment in 2003 but this is the start of his professional career.

AND1 chose him for their endorsements. At that time, he was only 18. After that, he started his acting career and learned and earned a lot from this which is a big contribution to the Professor net worth. In 2009, he thought that he would start his own YouTube channel, and he did so and now he is earning lots of wealth from it. We wish The Professor the best of luck for his future.

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