The Health Benefits Of Regular Dog Grooming

Being a pet owner comes with a lot of responsibility. Making sure your dog stays healthy and happy are at the top of the list. Did you know that keeping your pet healthy goes beyond routine vet visits? Regular grooming is a vital part of pet care and keeps your dog looking and feeling great.

A lot of pet owners feel they can perform grooming measures on their dog at home, and although this is true, it isn’t always the best idea. You see, pet groomers have been trained in the art of pet hygiene. They know where to clip and where not to, how to effectively clean ears, and so much more. It’s in your dog’s best interest to be regularly groomed by a professional.

Dog Grooming Prevents Health Problems

Dogs are active, curious beings. They like to romp and play in the grass, dirt, and with other animals. These activities are great and should be encouraged. However, they can leave your furry friend in a state that requires a bath.

Regular dog grooming is a must for your active fur-baby. Nature can cause a whole host of skin issues like rashes and irritation. Imagine what it would be like if your pet got into some poison ivy? Yikes!

When you get your dog professionally groomed, all of these potential hazards will be washed away. Plus, your groomer will be able to spot any skin issues hiding under your dog’s fur.

Amateur Nail Clipping Is A No-No

How many times have you dreaded clipping your dog’s nails because the process is sheerly terrifying for the both of you? It’s very hard to tell where the quick of your dog’s nail is due to their dark color. This can result in cutting too deeply and causing pain, bleeding, and fear in your pet.

A professional dog groomer knows exactly how to trim your pet’s nails, uneventfully. They also have the proper tools in which to do it. Having trimmed nails is imperative for your dog’s well-being.

Timely Parasite Detection

Not all dogs have parasites, but if they do, it’s best that the little buggers are spotted as soon as possible. Regular dog grooming ensures that this will happen. Your grooming specialist has an eye for fleas, ticks, and other irritating bugs that may have called your dog’s coat or ears, home.

The sooner these infestations are caught, the better it is for your pet’s health. Your groomer can recommend products that will help get rid of the bugs and prevent re-infestation.For More Information Visit

Regular Dog Grooming Keeps Your Pet’s Coat Shiny & Healthy

Just like human hair, dog coats come in many different textures and lengths. Different coats require different attention. Sometimes, brushing your dog’s coat simply isn’t enough.

Some fur is highly prone to matting and snarls, which require special tools that only professional groomers have on hand. Plus, your groomer will know how to work through these snarls without damaging your dog’s fur.

Regular coat care decreases shedding, which alleviates allergies within the humans of your household. Most importantly, your dog’s hair will always be on point.

Anal Gland Expression Keeps Your Dog Comfortable

OK, this is a topic that many people would rather just skip on by. However, anal gland expression is very important for your dog’s health. If you aren’t a professional groomer, please don’t attempt to perform this procedure on your own as you could seriously hurt your dog.

In most cases, your dog’s anal glands will empty on their own when your pup passes a poo. If the doggy doo is too soft, the glands won’t have enough pressure to release their liquid. When anal glands aren’t properly drained, your poor little doggo can acquire a sore derrière.

Dog Grooming Includes Ear Cleaning

A dog’s ear canal is nothing like a human’s ear canal. You (although against medical advice) have the ability to poke around your ear with a cotton swab. This isn’t the case with a canine. See, your dog’s ear passage isn’t a straight shot like your own.

A dog groomer will use a special liquid solution and perform a strategic massage to clean your pups’ ears properly.

Receive Professional Dog Grooming At Lucky Dawg Pet Services

Our staff at Lucky Dawg Pet Services care about the well-being and health of your pooch! Proper dog grooming is a professional service that we offer to all dogs, big and small. We hope you’ll contact us today to schedule an appointment. Both salon and mobile grooming are options for our customers. It is our pleasure to serve you and your furry family member!

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