How To Celebrate The First Birthday Of Your Child?

Celebrating the very first birthday of your child is very special for you. And so the celebrations should be grandeur and memorable.

First Birthday Of Your Child
First Birthday Of Your Child

We bring you some ideas to celebrate the first birthday of your child in a very special way. 


Grand Party For First Birthday

Hosting a grand party at your place or any hotel is the first and foremost thing you should do. Well, you will be celebrating all the upcoming birthdays of your cold with the same zest but the first birthday party should be extraordinary. Get creative invitations printed and have all the fun things at the party for the enjoyment of other kids. Get yourself involved in every single thing, and make sure that everything comes together perfectly. 


First Birthday Album Shoot

This one is also a very good idea to celebrate your child’s first birthday memorably. Hire a professional photographer and get an album shoot of your kid. This thing is highly in trend, and professional photographers do pure justice with their skills and creativity. Get all the pictures placed in an album and keep it safe. After years when your child grows up, make him/her smile by showing him/her the pictures from the birthday.

Album Shoot
Album Shoot


Medical Insurance

Many people still think that medical insurance is just an expense and nothing else, but they don’t understand the benefits it covers. Getting medical insurance for your child on his/her first birthday is one of the very best things you can do. Choose the plan that suits you best and does make sure to read all the terms and conditions before making the decision. 


Designer First Birthday Cake

Designer Birthday Cake
Designer Birthday Cake

Well! Well! Well! It is, by any chance, not possible to not talk about the cake while discussing the birthday celebrations. And so, one thing that you can’t afford to miss on your child’s birthday is the cake. As it is the birthday cake for your child, make sure that it looks nothing like the usual cakes. For your child’s first birthday cake, find the best bakery in town and get a designer birthday cake baked. Apart from being the supremacy in deliciousness, the cake must attract all the eyes in the party with a magnet-like capability. You can also opt to get your baby’s caricature on top of the cake or get baked in Baby Stroller shape. 

Start Saving For His Future

As the world is getting developed every second, daily expenses are shooting high. So, your child’s first birthday would be the perfect day for you to start saving for his future. You can open a new bank account and keep a percentage of your monthly income in that account, which will only be used for your child’s future learnings. Doing this will not make you feel pressured to gather funds for his/her studies or other extracurricular learnings. You can also invest in SIPs or Fixed Deposits. 


Savor The Moment

Before tidying up after the party, pause for a minute to savor a couple of tokens from the day. Let it all sink in and save it to the deepest of your heart and your memories. Hug your child and wish happy birthday by whispering in his/her ear. Rewind it all in your mind. Feel happy that you have done a lot to make your child’s birthday very special and memorable. 

We hope that you like our ideas for the first birthday celebrations and you will be able to pull off the memorable celebrations. Put your creativity and imagination to make it happen!


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