Taking Care of Yourself After a Breakup

If you’ve ever gone through a divorce before, you know just how painful and stressful it can be. Besides being emotionally draining, a divorce often has major life-altering consequences. And when dealing with such a whirlwind of negative emotions and life changes, it is crucial that you take great care of yourself. Keep in mind that the stress and upset of a divorce can have a huge impact on your mental and physical health.

When it comes to recovering after a divorce, you need to take care of yourself as if you are down with the flu. This means getting a lot of rest, avoiding other life stressors, and where possible, reducing your workload. Learning how to take better care of yourself going forward can be perhaps one of the most positive outcomes of a divorce. How you handle your emotions of the loss can help you come out the other side stronger. You’ll also be motivated to make better life choices in the future. Click for more advice tailored to you.

Self-care tips

It is important to set aside time each day to focus on yourself. Find time to engage in activities that make you happy, calm, and relaxed. This can include going on nature walks, listening to music, reading, savoring a warm cup of tea, enjoying a warm bath, or getting a massage. 

Determine and focus on what you need in any given situation and don’t be afraid to openly express your needs. Prioritize what you believe is right and best for you, even if it doesn’t conform with what your ex or others want. Learn to say “no” without feeling guilty. This is one of the best ways to honor what is right for you. 

Establish a routine

A divorce or breakup, especially after a long relationship, can affect almost all aspects of your life aggravating the feelings of loss, stress, uncertainty, and chaos. Sticking to a regular routine can help restore structure and normalcy in your life. 

Take a time out

Avoid making any big life decisions during the first few weeks or months of a breakup. This can include starting a new job or relocating to a new place. The stress and emotions you are going through during this period can cloud your judgment and lead to regrettable mistakes. 

Don’t use food, drugs, or alcohol as a coping mechanism

In the midst of a breakup or divorce, you may want to do anything and everything to get rid of or at least minimize the intense feelings of pain and loneliness. Food, alcohol, and drugs are popular means of escape for a lot of people. However, these are not only unhealthy but can lead to even more problems in the long run. Thus, it is crucial that you try and find healthier ways to cope with your feelings. Check out HelpGuide’s free Emotional Intelligence Toolkit

Explore new interests

Instead of viewing a breakup or divorce as an end, treat it like the beginning of an exciting new chapter in your life. Now is perhaps the opportune time to discover new interests and hobbies. Finding new and fun activities to engage in can help you to find some of your lost happiness in life and can help you move on faster. 

Make healthy choices: Exercise, eat well and get enough sleep

When dealing with the pain and stress of a breakup, making healthy decisions may be at the bottom of your list of concerns. Some people find themselves overeating while others completely lose their appetite eat less or none at all. You may exercise less simply due to being demotivated or due to the extra pressure at home. You may also have a harder time falling and staying asleep. But all in all, all your efforts to move forward will be in vain if your health is compromised.

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