Taking Care of your Velvet Sofa Made Easy

Taking Care of your Velvet Sofa Made Easy

Getting a velvet sofa is surely a lavish and elegant decision in your life. If you are going to add this type of furniture to your home decor, then you will also need to know how you can taking care of your velvet sofa or furniture. Let us guide you right now in this article about what is velvet and how you can better-taking care of your velvet sofa in order to add value to your home.

The interior and exterior of your home reflect your personality traits and how you choose to renovate your house. Velvet fabric is a popular type of fabric that not too many homeowners pay attention to for decorating their house. It is common in many parts of the world including Asia, America, and Australia where people use velvet sofas and cushions to satisfy their daily needs.

Velvet actually provides a great opportunity to increase the value of your house which means getting a velvet sofa or buying multiple velvet furniture items can change the look and feel of your living space for a long time.

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What is Velvet? How Velvet Sofa is Made

How Velvet Sofa is Made

Taking care of your velvet sofa or furniture items is a great decision; however, it is first good to know what velvet is and what this material does. Let us give you a glimpse of what is velvet. Velvet is made from tufted silk that is a costly textile item. Unlike other fabrics, this one is not a flat-woven textile.

Velvet often needs more materials because it is not made from one material like cotton. This means it is not a flat-vowed textile we are talking about. More materials add to its overall thickness; this is a complicated process that gives the fabric its thickness and softness as well. This is where the concept of soft velvet came into being in the first place.

In these technologically advanced times, manufactures have made varieties of velvet. Nowadays, velvet other than silk material is made of a multitude of synthetic materials that contribute to its overall construction. Some of the more beget friendly ones include the following:

  • Viscose
  • Polyester
  • Wool
  • Linen
  • Mohair
  • Cotton

In these modern times, experts reveal that finding pure silk velvet is extremely difficult. Even if you do find real velvet, it is a costly item to purchase for middle-income homeowners. These days, chances are that velvet is made of viscose that is also called the art silk. However, if you find yourself buying a velvet sofa, you will also need some good professionals to clean it.

Yes, real velvet is an expensive item and you will need really good care of it. This is where you need to taking care of your velvet sofa and the services of Pro Sofa Clean, the best upholstery cleaning Sydney Company that provides impeccable and satisfactory couch cleaning Sydney professionals to homeowners at affordable rates.

So, let us get to our point. Since velvet sofa is made of viscose, natural fibber is going to be more delicate than synthetic velvet. That means if your velvet sofa is made of synthetic materials, you can easily call our professional steam cleaning Sydney professionals and get your velvet sofa cleaned like it was never dirty before.

Synthetic velvet is more durable and less prone to creasing. That means it is hard to damage it or fade its color compared to natural fiber. So, if the velvet is made from natural materials, we sincerely suggest you call our services of professional sofa cleaners in Liverpool to get the job done in the right way

Taking care of your velvet sofa: Cleaning your Velvet Sofa Right Away

Cleaning your Velvet Sofa Right Away

Without wasting time, Pro Sofa Clean professionals will arrive at your doorstep and taking care of your velvet sofa correctly. Most Australian homeowner thinks that velvet is like a fine wine that becomes better as the time passes by. Indeed, this is true. Taking care of velvet furniture is actually quite simple. The way to go about it is to do the things related to its care by taking time off your regular routine. Do the following on a weekly basis:

  • When you are vacuuming the floor or carpet or velvet sofa, quickly swap the attachment fitting for an upholstery cleaner. That will allow you to clean the dirt and fluff in a quick manner.
  • Using a velvet brush for your velvet sofa, you must figure out which way the velvet fibbers are vowed.
  • As soon as the two tasks are done by your without the help of anyone, you may find out that there are more dirt marks and stains that are invisible to you. Only professional sofa cleaners Sydney can detect and remove them from your velvet sofa. So, taking care of your velvet sofa don’t wait and call reliable couch cleaning Sydney professionals to get the job done.


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