Street Art Melbourne: Graffiti through the layers of history to a modern-day art form

Graffiti And Street Art in Melbourne
Graffiti And Street Art in Melbourne

Street art is common in the Australian city of Melbourne. Australians have been expressing their thoughts on walls since the times when man started drawing in caves and rocks. For many complex setoff reasons, this art has flourished in Melbourne, Australia over the past 20 years or so. The art is so prominent that it has forced the government to tolerate and embrace it as well. It has grown so string that certain places and lanes in the city have become places of tourist attraction.

From convicts to drovers, to today’s much-famed street artist Melbourne, graffiti has a long past in the books in Australia. Today archeologists are digging into the old graffiti, considering they are podcasts from the past. Say for example in Torres Strait, there exists the famous postal cave where generations of sailors and mariners left messages for other sailors to read.

Graffiti And Street Art in Melbourne through history

It is believed that graffiti started as a way for the outcasts, trapped, isolated, and transient to make their mark. These graffiti’s certainly had some messages that then these people wanted to convey, to communicate.

The study of street art and graffiti in the archeologists’ way involves surveys, along with recording their physical details like techniques, colors, and the content.

Graffiti And Street Art in Melbourne through history
Graffiti And Street Art in Melbourne through history

Archeologists have a different way of seeing these old arts rather than listening to what people have to say. By studying the old graffiti, archeologists have ensured to preserve all of the old heritage and also the knowledge that is often referred to as vandalism and thus its destruction.

In some way or the other, graffiti resembles the glimpse of art in the craziest of manner. It showcases the ever-present rivalry, the strong urge to get composition on all of the wall space, the desire of supremacy – all concentrated in a miniature form.

Contemporary street art and graffiti took shape according to different ground rules. Graffiti artists in Melbourne were their teachers, curators, and also critics. They are trained or untrained talents picked and pushed through a defined career pathway. There has been not the slightest possibility of receiving people’s acclaim or income for the efforts. More to it, the main fear was not failure or dejection, nor poor reviews or neglect, but the fear of arrest followed by criminal convictions. Several graffiti artists in Melbourne have faced time in prison for their graffiti offenses.

“Graffiti- the Art of The Illegal”, has a lot to narrate out on the walls. It is not so easy to see the artistic skill required to produce an impressive piece of graffiti and street art. Many of us complain about graffiti and believe that it does not have any history or style of conventional art forms. However, graffiti is almost as old as mankind on earth. As we have said, those early forms of the contemporary art form have been found throughout history.

While many may argue that graffiti is not an art and most of the graffiti that graces walls and surfaces of Melbourne isn’t the highly stylized pieces that have been much hyped and described by advocates. Street art and graffiti is a kind of an art form that is a medium for people to express their feelings and regressions through colors and paints.


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