Herbal Remedies – Stop Nail Fungal Infections Naturally

Stop Nail Fungal Infections Naturally

If you want to stop nail fungal infections naturally then read this article completely. And if you notice abnormal coloring, thickening, or cracks on your nail, it is surely because you are suffering from nail fungus! However, you are not alone, because 20% of the French are affected. Unfortunately, this figure shows how common and contagious this condition is. However, once it is there, onychomycosis (its more scientific name) is difficult to dislodge. Indeed, it settles comfortably in the layers of the nail and only the best remedies against the nail fungus are of a size to fight it. That’s good, that’s exactly what you will find in this article!

Warning: if nothing helps, ask a specialist to stop nail fungal infections naturally

Of course, natural nail fungus remedies are the first step. Usually, this will be enough to treat damaged and infected nails. However, if you see that these fungal infections are persistent, do not hesitate to consult a doctor. He can then refer you to a drug antifungal treatment powerful enough to finally find a big toe without infection or refer some herbal remedies to stop nail fungal infections naturally.

Generally, these tablets or capsules are to be taken over several months until the nail renews itself. In addition, a doctor or pharmacist can also offer you Poderm- type dermatological products for the treatment of yeast infections. This kind of antifungal varnish will regenerate the nail matrix and prevent the spread of the fungus. Thus, the infection is eliminated and the nail grows back healthily, as it is revitalized, repaired, and strengthened in addition to being cared for.


  • First, remember to disinfect scissors and nail clippers if the whole family uses them. In addition, keep the nails short and unpainted.
  • Wash the nails thoroughly and thoroughly dry the nails and between the toes. You can use a disposable paper towel to do this. Never rub hard so as not to irritate the infected nail. Besides, towels should never be shared… even among family or close circle of friends.
  • Avoid shoes and socks made of synthetic materials that promote maceration to stop nail fungal infections naturally. Don’t wear the same shoes every day. And above all, ventilate your feet as soon as possible! Indeed, even if we do not want to wear open shoes with nail fungus that everyone could see, it is good for the nail.
  • Finally, wear sandals to protect your feet in locker rooms, public showers, swimming pools, and steam rooms. You must not walk barefoot!

2) take a baking soda foot bath

You are no longer surprised to see that baking soda is used for almost everything … even to treat nail fungus! To do this, we dilute 5 tablespoons in a good liter of water. Then a foot bath that needs to be treated is done. After 15 minutes, it can be dried carefully and gently. In addition, to stop nail fungal infections naturally, we can put the bicarbonate on the toes to fight against excessive sweating. Indeed, it absorbs the moisture that germs love so much! Thus, it will prevent them from proliferating.

3) a little garlic and white vinegar

garlic, lemon and white vinegar for stopping nail fungus

Garlic helps fight nail fungus thanks to its antifungal power. In fact, you can simply crush a clove and add a little vinegar to it. Then this granular paste is applied as a very effective local treatment on the affected nail and covered with a bandage. You can remove it after a few hours and repeat these steps daily until your yeast infection is just a bad memory.

4) Grapefruit seed extract against nail fungus

To stop nail fungal infections naturally, it is commonly recognized to be incredibly rich in vitamin C. However, this extract is also a notorious anti-fungal and antioxidant. and it is often considered a natural antibiotic. You can find this product with multiple applications in your pharmacies and organic stores. Here, we recommend the local application of a few drops to be carried out twice a day minimum.



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