What Makes Small Kraft Boxes Credible in Product Packaging?

What Makes Small Kraft Boxes Credible in Product Packaging

Nowadays, no manufacturing brand can think of doing business without appropriate packaging. The reason behind this fact is customers prefer to buy the products that they find appealing and attractive. Therefore, a manufacturer should focus on both the product quality and packaging as well. Different products come in various sizes and styles and this is why packaging boxes like small kraft boxes are available in different sizes in the market.

You can buy as per your needs. One thing you should keep in your mind is you need to be very careful when selecting a suitable box for your products. The dimensions of a box must be exactly the dimensions of your items to ensure valuable security.

There is a huge variety of custom boxes available in today’s market and kraft boxes are one of them. They are considered very important in product packaging and are being used frequently by the supplier these days. Are you running your own manufacturing business or want to get involved soon?

Don’t know what exactly are the small kraft boxes and how will they contribute to your brand?

Let this guide answer all the concerns you have in your mind. Read more to get a clear understanding.

What Are Kraft Containers?

What Are Kraft Containers

They are made up of paper (made of wood). The whole process consists of multiple processing stages to make them refined. The raw material used to make kraft containers is wood pulp. A special type of wood used in this process is softwood. With its flexible and long fibers, this wood provides kraft containers with great strength.

Initially, by removing lignin, the wood is converted into wood pulp. Then, the pulp is sent towards the paper manufacturing machines where it is coated with polyethylene for preparing custom kraft containers. The final product is not passed through the bleaching process and that is why it is always available in a darker color.

Why Kraft Containers are More Popular?

Kraft cases are one of the most frequently used packaging boxes around the globe. There are various factors associated with this reality. A few of the major advantages of using small Kraft boxes are listed in detail below.


To keep your cost as minimum as possible in the beginning is a good thing to start with. The raw material required to make these containers is all-natural and you can easily buy it from everywhere. The overall manufacturing cost is very less in comparison to the production of other custom containers. The unavailability of the bleaching process during production also contributes to cost-effectiveness.

Environmental Friendly 

Another great reason why small kraft boxes are so popular is their environmentally friendly nature. To keep our environment safe must be everyone’s top priority so that every living being can breathe without having any difficulty.

Due to the frequent use of plastic packaging materials, air pollution is increasing day by day and it is no doubt a great threat to our lives. When it comes to kraft cases, they are purely made from natural and recyclable materials. The byproducts obtained through the production process can also be used for other manufacturing purposes.

If you want to use kraft containers for your brand, it is always a win-win situation. 

Product Protection

Product Protection

The most important thing that can never be taken for granted in packaging is the strength of the material. You can never compromise on that. Small kraft boxes are used to deliver the items to the customers safely. Though the latest vehicles produce no vibrations and severe jerks during travel still there are chances of any kind of external damages. Kraft cases are strong enough to protect the product from multiple damages.

Brand Awareness

Custom printed kraft cases not only protect the item but also promote your brand. You can print safety measures on the boxes. The logo must be there because it leaves a long-lasting impression on the customers and makes them remember your brand for a long-time. Brand awareness can increase your customers’ community and hence your sales will automatically get increased.


Kraft containers provide you with cost-effective yet reliable solutions to your small kraft boxes packaging problems. You can trust this material to guard your manufactured items. 


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