Services provided by the beauty parlors 

During any grand event such as wedding, engagement, parties or conferences, the people or a woman dresses up grandly. They also beautify their face to enhance their beauty. So, they require assistance from beauty experts to look beautiful and presentable on the day. So, the makeup artist in pitampura is present for every occasion or event. They provide services during formal and informal functions. Their team of artists is experts and is willing to provide beauty services on any special occasions.

Services provided by the makeup artists

The brides provide different types of services to the artists such as engagement make-up, on-venue makeup, bridal make up, party make up, on-venue makeup outstation etc. 

Bridal makeup

A bride should look beautiful during any wedding party and hence she should apply appropriate make up. So, the makeup artist in pitampura provides different types of beauty services to the brides during wedding. The different types of service they provide are eye lashes, hair styling, facials, nail polish, contact lenses, hair styling, makeup etc. The makeup artist provides different packages to the customers with different services. Normally, during the wedding, the bride should apply makeup, nail polish and eye lashes to look beautiful. They also perform hairstyling to the woman by applying the bridal ornaments on the hair beautifully. They beautifully decorate the woman with ornamental beads on the head. 

Makeup during parties

When a woman is attending any formal or informal function, then she should appear beautiful. She should wear a dress that is grand and look perfect on any occasion. So, the artists even provide the best dress and apply make-up in the best way so that the woman looks perfect. A woman should wear ornaments that are suitable for the occasions. The beauty parlor in pitampura consists of expert technicians and they provide the best services for the residents. 

Engagement makeup

Engagement ceremony is one of the most significant ceremonies for both bride and bride groom. A woman should appear beautiful on this occasion because she is preparing for the journey of her life. So, the artists provide several types of services on this occasion also such as hair styling, eye lashes, facial, draping etc. They undertake every step to make a woman look beautiful. They help the bride in draping the sari in a beautiful manner.

Services provided by beauty experts

The beauty experts provide services on many other occasions. They even provide pre-bridal services to a woman. A woman cannot perform procedures such as face cleanup, facial, pedicure, manicure etc on the day of her wedding. So, she should complete these procedures four to five days prior to her wedding. They also provide on-venue makeup services to the residents and to the outstation customers also. When a wedding ceremony is to be solemnized, then the family members and the relatives of the brides also should apply the make-up. The team of experts provides services to the family members and to the relatives also. The beauty parlor in pitampura is providing services to the residents of pitampura. 


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