See how Technology and Automation gives you Security Solutions for your Property

The shutters adapt to the configuration of any property. Made to measure and installed, they take the dimensions and shapes of your door or entrance whatever they are. The original and traditional roller shutters enhance the security and insulation of your property so that you can enjoy your interior and leave your property with peace of mind.

An automatic roll shutter has been designed to open or close a motorized shutter. An electric roller shutter ensures that your shutters are opened and closed physically. However, there’s another form of shutter that can make your life much easier. What is it, why choose this option and how much does shutter automation cost?

Electric roller shutters have excellent insulating and aesthetic qualities. They also have advantages in terms of home security and comfort for people inside the property.

What are these advantages? How do they help fight intrusions, and even prevent them? How do they improve comfort, especially for the elderly and people with reduced mobility?

Rolling shutters fitted with an electric motor have better resistance to intrusion attempts. A good thing when you know that insurance companies estimate that a shutter capable of withstanding 10 minutes can deter a burglar!

The automatic rolling shutter, on the other hand, enhances the safety of your home. The owners’ lack of vigilance is responsible for 80 percent of theft. You can always be sure your workplace is safe with an automatic shutter. Automatic shutter activation also allows you to imitate your attendance in offices, parking lots or storage facilities.

In case of absence – even for a few hours, home automation is an excellent solution to secure the home.

From the single control panel the user can:

  • Close and open its shutters remotely, in case of forgetting for example,
  • Program several scenarios (opening at fixed times, in staggered hours, depending on the day, etc.) in order to simulate a presence.

Motorized roller shutters are particularly recommended when the house is occupied by elderly people or people with reduced mobility. Objective: to create an environment favorable to their autonomy. It is always convenient and comfortable to automate your shutters. More so if your family is with a disabled person but the automatic shutter is still not included in the compulsory PRM system.

Daily actions are made easier:

  • The opening and closing can be triggered from an accessible switch, or by using a remote control,
  • No special effort is required, unlike manual opening which can be restrictive and tiring.

Motorizing your roller shutters, or replacing old shutters with electric roller shutters can represent a larger budget. But this investment quickly pays for itself.

Roller shutters are long-lasting and particularly robust equipment. Models built with aluminum parts are known to be particularly durable, which guarantees trouble-free operation for many years to come. This is done without these elements oxidizing and by minimizing the friction between the blades and the apron.

So if you have decided to install the best rolling shutter at your property then it is necessary that you hire only the best rolling shutter manufacturer in Hyderabad.

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