Ricegum Net Worth and Sources of Income

Ricegum Net Worth and Sources of Income

Bryan Quang Le is known as Ricegum because of the popularity of his YouTube channel which has a nice name of Ricegum. Ricegum is a famous YouTuber and rapper. He is one of the most famous YouTubers among people because of his video vlogs. The Ricegum Net Worth is about 8 million dollars.

He is getting almost 1.5 to 2 million dollars as his per year salary. According to the estimation, the per month income of this YouTuber is almost $100,000 to $200,000. He is earning an enormous amount of money in months that an average person living in America can not even get in a year. He is gaining a lot from his YouTube channel.

He has over 10 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Almost every video gets 1.7 billion views, which is his biggest achievement. He also has 2 other channels named RiceLive, and FamilyGum. RiceLive has almost 1.6 million subscribers and has 43 million views. He is earning a lot from google AdSense. He is earning a lot from ads in his videos.

YouTube also pays for monetized views. So he also gets benefits from there. He is also included in Google Preferred in which large companies select the top 5 trending videos and run highly paid ads on them. He is also getting revenue from paid users, people who don’t want to see ads on YouTube are called red users with premium accounts.

Ricegum is earning thousands of dollars from the brands’ deals. He promotes companies’ products in his videos and return gets an extensive amount of wealth. He also earns from his rapping career. He started producing raps when one of his disc tracks got the 80th position in Billboard 100.

He thought he must try his luck in music and he produce famous songs like “Bitcoin”, “I Didn’t Hither”, “Frick da police”, “Naughty or Nice”, “Fortnite and Chill”, “It’s Every Night Sis”, and “I Didn’t Hither”. In his music career, his fan following got more and more so he was selected as an actor in the Superbowl commercial, in 2019.

Ricegum is earning nowadays from his both hands. He is one of those people who change themselves according to the environment. He always follows the trend and grabs views by creating controversies and discussing controversies of others. He often says that he earned a lot from YouTube but still he is more famous among people because of his tracks.

In his vlogs, videos, and social media posts, he always stays relevant and increases the interest of people toward him. It seems that in the upcoming days the Ricegum Net Worth will increase because we are seeing his hard work to maintain the quality of his videos.

LifeStyle according to Ricegum Net Worth

LifeStyle according to Ricegum Net Worth

As you know the net worth of Ricegum, then you definitely can imagine his luxurious lifestyle. He always wears the most trending brands of America which are the most expensive ones. From his sunglasses to his shoes, everything is expensive and latest. He often sets trends that people follow blindly. He mostly said that he loves to wear a new style of clothing and shoes.

If you look at his sunglasses, they are no less than 300 dollars. His branded shoes are always more than 2000 dollars. The T-shirt and hoodies that he wears are almost 1500 to 3000 dollars. In short, he invests a lot in his outfits. How rich he is, you can easily imagine from his dressing style.

Do you know about the merchandise sale by this man? The selling of his merchandise also increases the Ricegum Net Worth. People like to follow his lifestyle, that’s why they want to dress up like Ricegum, so they love to buy his merchandise. You can also get T-shirts having his pics or autograph, mugs, and other accessories.

He also spends his money on buying cars. You can often see him in his Ferrari. He invests thousands of dollars in buying new cars according to his wish. Almost once a year, he must buy a new car for himself. He is also very fond of buying mansions. All these things are possible because of his net worth.

House supported by Ricegum Net Worth 

Recently, Ricegum bought a new house in Los Angeles. This house shows the glory of Ricegum Net Worth and his lifestyle. This is one of the biggest houses I saw in my life. This house is worth almost 12.5 million dollars. Yes, 12.5 million dollars, you are reading correctly. This expensive and marvelous house is the embodiment of beauty.

Everyone who sees or visits this house always wishes for a house like that. It is not only beautiful but also luxurious. The total area of this house is 12,500 square feet. This house has 10 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms. The monthly rent of this house is $47,000, which is much more than the salary of a common man living in America.

House supported by Ricegum Net Worth 


The bedrooms of this house are more beautiful than five-star hotel bedrooms. The bedrooms are decorated with expensive and highly comfortable furniture. There is a double bed in the bedroom and a couch. There are 50 inches of LEDs in every room of the house with a projector so Ricegum can watch movies like in cinemas. The bathrooms are also designed in a very well-mannered way to make them more beautiful than the other bathrooms. There are enormous bathtubs in the bathrooms and beautifully designed sinks. There is a separated shower area in the bathroom that is made in such a way that it looks like a glass cabin.

The kitchen of the house is not less than a luxury kitchen like in movies. The kitchen is much more than a kitchen because it is fully decorated and the interior designer did a great job of placing a dining table in the kitchen. The kitchen of this house occupies a large area. It is well equipped and has all the machinery that is needed for chef cooking.

The cabinets in the kitchen are made of metal, which is a unique thing because cabinets are usually made of wood. Designers placed all the accessories in the kitchen in a very definite way so they look perfect for the kitchen. Ricegum decorated the living room of the house in such a way that it gives a palace-like look to the place. This room is perfect for receiving guests.

Songs that increase the Ricegum Net Worth

As you know, Ricegum is also a great rapper, so he wrote and sung many songs that contributed to Ricegum Net Worth. Some of his famous songs that contribute much to his career are;

  • Alissa Violet Its Every Night Sis
  • God Church
  • Frick Da Police
  • KSI Earthquake
  • Jake Paul Diss Track
  • Contract Money Freestyle
  • KSI Two Birds One Stone
  • Dizaster Love Me Long Time
  • Charles Raynor Check the Statistics
  • Naughty or Nice

Personal Life of Ricegum

Personal Life of Ricegum


The people who are famous always want to protect their personal life from social media headlines. Ricegum also kept his personal life confidential so no one can discuss his personal life. Even after all his struggles, the media found out that he has a girlfriend. His girlfriend’s name was Abby Rao, and she is the model. They are in a relationship during 2019. There arose many rumors about them on social media, but Ricegum did not answer any of them.

After all this, they are no more with each other. Nowadays, our YouTuber is single. Many media anchors asked him about his relationship and he answered he is so ugly that no one could love him except his mom. But this is a lame excuse because he is a very handsome guy.

Life History of Ricegum 

Ricegum was born in Las Vegas, Nevada on Tuesday, November 19, 1996, as Bryan Quang Le. he is now 24 years old. The zodiac animal of Ricegum is a rat. His parents are Quang Ly Lely and Luat Quang Le. They moved to Las Vegas to grow their little family there. He got his early education from Sierra Vista High School.

His parents wanted him to become a doctor, but he let down all their expectations and canceled his scholarship to Harvard because of his comedy career. He took admission to the University of Nevada but he hardly spent one semester there and then dropped out. He opened his YouTube channel at the age of 21, in 2012. In the beginning, he had just a few followers.

He usually uploaded the videos of pranks and other comedy videos on his channel. Later on, he became the partner of Machinima. Then he started uploading videos of different online games. He got only a few views in his early videos. That was a tough time for Ricegum. He got fame when he started roasting videos that people upload on Musically that are now turned into Tik Tok.

The cause of his popularity that came first in front of people is roasting a YouTuber named Jacob Sartorius in the “diss track” method. He is the first YouTuber that made Diss Track on other YouTubers. People love his material and now Ricegum Net Worth shows the level of his success in his life and the hearts of the people.


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