Rent heating – sensible and carefree?

Many consumers know that installing a new heater can save a lot of money. But the cost of purchase often slows down modernization. In many boiler rooms, completely outdated boilers are still running today. What if homeowners opt for rental heating? Yes, you can rent a heater. In the project, also known as heat contracting, the contract partner takes care of the installation and maintenance of the new heat generator. The customer pays monthly until the end of the contract and can thus elegantly avoid the investment costs when buying a heating system. In the following, we clarify the advantages and what interested parties should pay attention to.

Rent a heating system: who does what?

The principle of leasing or renting heating instead of buying it is not new. The common term is contracting from the English contract. This is concluded between a specialized service provider (contractor) and the customer (contracting party). In addition to a complete heating system, the latter is supplied with all important services – that is, maintenance, emergency furnace repair Scarborough, and often an extended guarantee. The contractor guarantees a trouble-free heat supply through the rented heating. The contractor pays a fixed monthly amount for this.

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Installation and removal are carried out

In addition to financing the new heating system, the contractor takes on several tasks. In the beginning, the rental heating is planned and designed based on the needs of the homeowner and the structural characteristics of the building. The contractor will remove the old heating system and dispose of it professionally. The new heating system is then installed. The heating change includes the boiler and, if necessary, a completely new heating circuit. Besides, new meters are installed if necessary.

Which types of heating can be rented?

In principle, all classic types of heating that are suitable for heating modernization can also be imagined as rental heating. This primarily depends on the offer of the service provider. You can now rent a gas or oil heater, as well as a heat pump. But wood heating or, as a supplement, solar heating is also possible. It is best to work with the contractor and/or the heating engineer on-site to determine which heating is best. 


Important: When choosing, you should consider that you will usually continue to bear the fuel costs and energy costs yourself. 

Who is the first point of contact?

The contractor chooses the energy supplier who is the cheapest for the property owner. The customer then obtains the supplied heat from the heating system for rent. After the installation, the service provider takes care of ensuring energy-efficient and reliable operation. A trained heating contractor carries out optimization, repairs, and regular maintenance work on the heating system. He is the first point of contact. In the event of a malfunction that the specialist cannot resolve, the service provider is usually available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Numerous providers in the market

Nowadays, anyone who wants to rent a heater can choose between many different providers. In addition to energy suppliers, many planners and heating companies offer the contracting model, often in the form of a heating flat rate. This means that customers pay a fixed monthly amount, like with a smartphone or streaming service, and receive heating including other services. 

Advantages of renting a heater

Renting a heater is a particularly convenient solution for contractors. The customer receives an all-round carefree package in which he no longer has to worry about anything. He gets a modern system that corresponds to the current state of the art and thus meets both economic and ecological requirements. In this way, he is guaranteed a continuous and reliable supply of heat and hot water – in addition to the full service. Only one contact person is required for heating issues over the entire contractual term, which is usually ten to 15 years. And: the entire operational risk lies with the contractor. After the contract period has expired, customers can often buy the system for the material or residual value of the heating. Alternatively, a contract extension or theThe heating can be dismantled.     

Quickly up to date with the latest technology

If you rent a modern heating system instead of buying it, you get more efficient technology at comparatively low costs. The older the existing heating system, the higher the potential savings that result from a modernization of the heating system. When exactly should a boiler be replaced with a new one? There are several indications for this. If the heating is more than 20 years old and has become unreliable over time, this indicates the right time. If high heat losses are determined and electricity is to be produced in addition to heat, an exchange is inevitable. 

Rent a heater carefree: you have to pay attention to this

If homeowners want to rent a heater, there are a few points to consider:


  • Check contract documents: These may include adjustments to heating costs. It is only fair if heat prices also fall as raw material costs fall. 
  • Dismantling the old heating system: This should also be taken over and paid for by the contractor. If something else is stated in the contract, a hefty bill threatens. 
  • End of contract and the residual value of rental heating: Can homeowners take over the technology at the end of the rental period at the conditions of the residual value, or do they still pay for the dismantling? That should be regulated in the rental agreement. 
  • Installation room for the new heating system: as a consumer, can you rent it out to the contractor? This lowers the rental costs and should be documented in the contract.
  • Question of ownership: From a legal point of view, heating is part of the building, which means that rental heating becomes the property of the property owner. Some contractors would like to enter a so-called easement in the land register. Since this can make sales difficult, consumers should try to avoid it. 


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