Reasons to buy an electric scooter

The Indian electric scooter market is growing since 2014. Every year thousands of electric scooters are being sold. It seems like all the scooters are being converted into electric scooters. The electric scooters had a huge positive impact due to the benefits it provides to the customer. So, the customers can put their hand on Electric scooty buy online to get an amazing experience and here are the reasons why one should buy an electric scooter-

  1. Low running cost- The Indian consumers had a psyche of looking at the fuel prices and mileage before buying any vehicle. Hence, the electric scooters come within reach of the consumers. They take up to 1-3 units of electricity per charge. Thus, the electric vehicle has a low running cost which is suitable for Indian consumers.
  2. Zero emissions and environment- The main reason for buying an electric scooter is to survive in a clean and green environment. Air pollution is caused by passenger vehicles that run on fuel and that produce toxic fumes or residues. Therefore, with the help of electric vehicles, the harmful carbon and nitrous oxide could be reduced and leads to zero-emission.

Thus, Electric vehicle will indeed reduce the pollution and health problems.

  1. Convenience- The electric scooter can be charged at anytime and anywhere. Unlike the other scooters, you don’t have to visit the petrol station. All the electric scooters can be charged at home or office without waiting in a queue at the petrol station. Thus, it is convenient to use.
  2. Low maintenance or no maintenance- When it comes to maintenance then the electric vehicles require less maintenance because unlike the other vehicles, that require maintenance of engine parts is every 1-2 months, but the electric vehicle has low maintenance cost as it is lighter in weight also the battery and the motor does not require much maintenance.
  3. Tax benefits- In the recent Union Budget 2019-20, the Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has announced the tax benefits for the manufacturers of an electric vehicle by lowering the GST on EV from 12 per cent to 5 per cent. Thus, the additional income tax reduction provides the benefits to the end consumers to purchase electric vehicles.
  4. Safety- Kids’ safety comes in the first place while riding any vehicle. Therefore, the electric vehicles are safe to ride as it comes with a hand-operated accelerator with electric brakes, shock absorbers, dual brake system, etc. Now, by the time, riding an electric vehicle has become a top priority among Indian consumers and is worth paying the amount.

Last words,

The electric vehicles are becoming the future because of easy maintenance, pollution-free environment, low running cost, and other features. All these features have taken the heart of the Indian consumers who are ready to get a shift from conventional vehicles to electric vehicles. Therefore, the premium electric scooter has already blown up the mind of the customer and is ready to change the automobile industry in the coming future.

Hence, all these reasons are integral in buying an electric vehicle. One must take into account before purchasing any two-wheeler vehicle.


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