Pros and Cons of Coupon Code


Pros and Cons of Coupon Code

Does it make sense to provide a potential buyer with a discount using a promotional Coupon Code? What benefits can be derived from this, and what are the disadvantages of this tool? Let’s talk about this today. What are the obvious pros and cons to consider before making a final decision on implementing this tool?

Pros of Coupon Code

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The introduction of coupons into the sales process can be used as an additional information channel to attract potential buyers as part of their information and advertising campaigns.

If, in the first case, a potential buyer sees a very specific opportunity to save money, then in the second case, we are talking about another “enticement,” which often turns out to be a dummy.

A good tool for getting rid of stubborn goods

A promo coupon code discount can be great for marketing off-season or stock items of online stores. In this case, the buyer is provided with a coupon with a sure value, which works for an assured group of goods. What this group of properties will include – the store decides. It can be winter clothes or shoes that were not sold out during the season, and it can be goods of unpopular sizes or whatever. In this case, the potential buyer needs to be given a clear opportunity to save money by using a code word that guarantees a discount.

Great tool for increasing the size of your shopping cart

Coupon Code is great tool for increasing the size of your shopping cart

This is maybe the main goal chased by stores that have applied publicity codes in the sales progression. The scheme is extremely simple. For example, your online store has an average check of 5,00 dollars. You want to raise it to 700dollar

Cons of Coupon Code

 Decrease in margin

Any discount is a refusal of the seller from part of his income to please the buyer. If the discount or conditions for its provision are calculated incorrectly when working with promotional codes, the store can very quickly work in the red. Unfortunately, this happens quite often.

The danger of losing a hot customer straight from the cart

This is the biggest and most justified fear of any store. Imagine this situation. The online store somehow got a potential buyer. He put the product in the cart and went to it. He sees a field for entering a promotional coupon code in the basket and leaves the basket to look for it on the Internet. In the best case, the buyer will come back and place an order. At worst, it leaves the cart and does not finish the checkout.

Potential degradation of traffic quality

Cons of Coupon Code

What is a discount? It’s a freebie. As you know, a person who wants to get something for free is a bad buyer. By promising discounts, you always attract that part of the audience that is either not interested in buying or is trying to cheat the store somehow. Therefore, using a certain type of promotional code (for example, free product trials by a promotional code) entails a relative deterioration in the quality of traffic for it.


So, these points give a fairly clear picture of the pros and cons of coupon codes. All these risks, in my opinion, are quite obvious and easily eliminated. The pros are also clear. Accordingly, with the right approach to the use of coupons, you can only benefit from implementing this tool. Find more on

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