The Whole Comprehensive Process of Registering the LLP Companies

Comprehensive Process of Registering the LLP Companies

Looking for the whole process of registering the LLP companies? The LLP is an acronym for the Limited liability partnership and this is considered to be one of the best possible alternative forms of business organization that provides the people with complete advantages of limited liability and flexibility. This particular type of ownership is very much preferable by people across the globe in comparison to other options because it comes with top-notch quality advantages for both the partners as well as corporations. This is considered to be one of the most innovative awaited forms of company organizations in India because of the unique hybrid combination of companies and partnership organizations.

Process of Registering the LLP Companies

 Following is the comprehensive process associated with the LLP registration company in India:

  1. The engagement manager will always reach out for the collection of necessary documents in all such cases whenever the people have decided to register the LLP.
  2. Then the people have to submit the data online through different kinds of websites or mobile applications of the consulting company of which one is availing the services.
  3. Whenever the information will be received then it will be verified properly and the complete process of obtaining the digital signature has to be initiated at this particular step.
  4. After the submission of all the documents, the applicant will also be required to complete the verification of the OTP and also indulge in the video KYC check systems.
  5. A request has to be filed with the MCA to reserve the name of the LLP and ensure that the process of registering the LLP companies is in progress now.
  6. When the receiver of the documents will be undertaken the draft of the incorporation documents will be there and everything has to be sent to the partners for different kinds of signature.

Process of Registering the LLP Companies

7. The scanned copy of the documents has to be uploaded on the platforms of the authorities so that there is no issue and verification has been undertaken perfectly.

8. Along with this the signed documents and application has to be sent for approval into the MCA office which will take approximately 2-5 working days to get verified.

9. After this, the bank account has to be opened in the name of LLP and an LLP partnership deed has also to be derived or drafted. This particular deed has to be signed by all the partners on a stamp paper which has to be uploaded on the online platform within 25 days of incorporation.

10. After this, the signed deed has to be verified by the engagement manager and it will also be uploaded on the MCA portal within 30 days of incorporation of the whole process.

 Hence, after this, the incorporation process of registering the LLP companies will be undertaken and the documents required will include the PAN card of the partners, Passport if the applicant is a foreigner, drivers license or Aadhaar card or the election card and apart from this the telephone bill all the electricity bill along with bank statement of fewer than three months. Apart from this, the registered office proof is also to be submitted and the proof of evidence like an electricity bill, telephone bill, a gas bill has also to be submitted to ensure proper verification systems.

Last Words

Hence, the whole comprehensive process of registering the LLP companies has been explained above.


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