Pooh Shiesty Net Worth and Sources of Income

Pooh Shiesty Net Worth and Sources of Income

Lontrell Williams is well known for his rapper name Pooh Shiesty. He is one of the most famous rappers in the American industry. Pooh achieved success at a very young age. The Pooh Shiesty Net Worth is about 1.5 million dollars that are equivalent to €1.24 million and £1.08 million British pounds.

He is struggling hard to increase his net worth to 2 million dollars in the coming years. He wants to achieve at least 10 million net worth so if you think he will stop his career here then you are wrong. Pooh is one of the wave creators in the industry of raps. He also writes songs for other singers and generates an extensive amount of wealth also from them.

People always want to listen to his songs. His fans like and share his every single song. He has almost 1.6 million followers on Instagram. On Spotify, almost 2 million people listen to his songs every month. He is just 21 years old and his achievements are mind-blowing. He is one of the most popular artists on Spotify and signed him as a singer on Spotify.

Pooh often shows off his wealth. He always carries a bag full of money with him. He posts his pictures having bundles of dollars in his hands-on Instagram that shows he is such a rich man. In 2018, he released his first song and in just 2 years he is well known in the world of rappers.

In 2020, his monthly income ranges from 5k dollars to 76k dollars, which is an enormous amount. But at the start of 2021, his monthly income increased gradually as he earned almost 105k dollars in January 2021 and earned almost 150k dollars in May 2021. So you can easily see the difference in the salary of just 4 months. It is supposed that at the end of 2021 his monthly income increased to 250k dollars. He has earned a lot from his different songs. He is also earning from his live concerts.

People want to follow Pooh Shiesty style that’s why they bought merchandise of Pooh Shiesty that increases the Pooh Shiesty Net Worth. He also earns a lot from the selling of his shows’ tickets. He has released many raps and almost 9 singles that increase his net worth and fans. As the fans and following of Pooh will increase, the net worth of Pooh also increases. He uploaded one of the most famous songs ‘Back In Blood’ on YouTube in 2020. He has earned too much from this song because it got almost 900 thousand likes and 125 million views.

LifeStyle according to Pooh Shiesty Net Worth

LifeStyle according to Pooh Shiesty Net Worth

Pooh Shiesty is enjoying a marvelous lifestyle. His life is full of luxuries. His dressing sense tells you all things you want to know about Pooh Shiesty Net Worth. The dresses that he used to wear in his daily routine cost hundreds of dollars and the dresses he uses in his videos cost thousands of dollars.

He often wears outfits of 1500 to 4000 dollars, which is greater than the monthly income of an average man living in America. His casual shoes are almost over 1000 dollars. He always wears famous American brands such as Amiri, Gucci, Adidas, Nike, Palm Angels, and many others. His outfits are the inspiration and ideal for his fans. His fans want to wear outfits like him.

Pooh Shiesty is fond of cars as well. You can see him in different cars on different occasions. He likes to buy new cars. According to estimation, he has spent almost 500k dollars on his cars. He has cars from different brands. He has different colors in his cars such as yellow, black, white, and lime green. He said that he wants to buy cars from every brand and of every color. From this, you can measure his love for cars.

He often posts pics on his social media accounts in his cars. In February 2021, Gucci Mane gifted a brand new slime green jeep to Pooh. Gucci is one of the earliest friends of Pooh in this field. It was Gucci’s birthday when he gifted a brand new thousand of dollars car to his friend Pooh and said that when it’s my birthday, it’s of course yours.

He is enjoying such a wonderful life that everyone wants to achieve Pooh Shiesty Net Worth so they can live a life like Pooh. From his house to everything, he has just a perfect and precious lifestyle. He often shows his wealth in his pictures when he is carrying bundles of dollars in his hands or in some pictures he lies with dollars.

House supported by Pooh Shiesty Net Worth

Recently Pooh bought a beautiful and fully luxurious house for his mother. He wanted to change the environment of his house after the tragic death of his brother so it is the best idea to change the house. Last year his brother died of brain cancer. His mother was in great grief because of his death, that’s why he bought a house for his mother.

He also posted a video when he surprised his mother with this house. Pooh’s mother was very happy with the house. He also celebrated his new house on Instagram with his fans. All his fans appreciate this act for his mother and also praise his house. It is estimated that his house is almost 500k dollars which shows the Pooh Shiesty Net Worth.

Famous Songs that enhance the Pooh Shiesty Net Worth

Famous Songs that enhance the Pooh Shiesty Net Worth

The main profession of Pooh is singing. He has sung a lot of songs for the duration of his 2 years career. Most of them got hit and increased the net worth of Pooh Shiesty. He also earns from his live concerts and his YouTube channel, but the major source of income is his songs.

Some of his famous songs are Back In Blood, Neighbors, Twerksum, Box of Churches, Neighbors, Ugly, See Red, 7.62 God, SoIcyBoyz 2, Pooh Shiesty 50 Shots, Switch it Up, Take A Life, Pooh Shiesty Monday to Sunday, Shiesty Season Intro, Master P, Take A Life, Drop Some Shit, Main Slime Remix, No Profanity, Murder Skool, Unreleased, Main Business and many others that increase the Pooh Shiesty Net Worth.

Pooh has also written the lyrics of many songs by other singers. His lyrics are very famous among singers and people. The rhythm of his raps is exceptional. Some other famous songs that are sung by singers written by Pooh are Pooh Shiesty Tooley Foreva Shiesty, Gucci Mane Still Remember, Gucci Mane 1017 Freestyle, Money Mu Problem feat, Big Phil GwappedUp Gym, Pooh Shiesty, Lil Loaded Link Up, Foogiano FIRST DAY IN LA, SpotemGottem Feat. Pooh Shiesty “Beatbox 2”, Gucci Mane Who Is Him, SpotemGottem BeatBox 2, Big Scarr SoIcyBoyz 3, Coi Leray BIG PURR (Prrdd), Lil Durk Should’ve Ducked, and many others. He achieved a lot from his hard work in his teenage years.

Personal Life of Pooh Shiesty

Everyone wants to know about the relationship status of their hero, so do the fans of Pooh. His fans often ask him about his girlfriend, but he never likes to talk about her. He said that I am single. But some days ago, Pooh’s video got viral with a beautiful girl whose name is still unknown. His fans ask him about the girl but he did not even say a word about his video.

It seems that he does not want to deny his relationship and does not want to accept it. He is single on all his social media accounts but the media does not consider him single. He just wants to keep his private life confidential and away from media highlights.

Life History of Pooh Shiesty

Life History of Pooh Shiesty 

Lontrell Dennell Williams, Jr, Pooh Shiesty, was born in Memphis, Tennessee on November 8, 1999. He is also known as Slime Lil Dude. he was interested in rap music when he was in elementary school. His interest badly harmed his education. He completed his early education at Memphis high school.

He took admission to Prestigious music college in Memphis but did not complete it. Pooh began his music career by posting his videos on different social media platforms, such as YouTube. He knew that he has in-built qualities for music, that’s why he took music as his profession. His debut single named ‘Breaking News’ was released in 2018. Thi song got 56 thousand views within a few weeks.

He took a few months gap from his career and then started posting several songs on social media such as Main Slime, Shiesty Summer, Day One, Hell Night, and At It Again. One of his famous songs, ‘Monday to Sunday’, got over 30 million views, which is an enormous achievement for a guy who is only 20 years old.

He has gathered too much fame in just a short period of only 2 years. He is about to release more tracks for his fans. There was a legal case on October 13, 2020, on this rapper for shooting a guard, he was bailed on the day of his arrest. He is one of the most favorite rappers among the Youth. We hope he will get more and more fame in the future.


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