Planning Your Ice Castle Wedding

Planning Your Ice Castle Wedding

Planning Your Ice Castle Wedding

Every woman feels blessed the day she walks down the aisle with her father. There are only a few days when you realize that being a woman is such a blessing. This women’s day, embrace being a woman, pamper yourself, and spend the day by doing what you really enjoy. Happy Women’s Day!

As a girl, you may have imagined a dream wedding. This dream wedding comprises a unique wedding venue, food menu, décor, seating arrangement, and wedding theme. You have to look into a lot of aspects to live that perfect day.

You also experience pre-wedding jitters in that process. But still, that doesn’t hold you back from ensuring that you have a perfect day.

A lot of females dream of getting married at the Ice Castle. You would have dreamt several times to get married at this venue.

Discussed here are some perks of living your dream of an Ice Castle wedding-

A wide array of food options

Imagine dining among the snow lit Ice Castle and in the company of amazing ice artwork and sculptures. There is nothing better than this! Mostly, the staff at this venue offers a versatile cuisine. The menu consists of fresh and local food preparations.

They use locally sourced fish and fresh veggies to prepare food. The sweet aroma of delicacies all around the castle tempts you to instantly dig into them.

You can enjoy a feast of healthy breakfast. You can explore the small intricate designs in the artwork and sculptures while sipping your coffee.

You can also enjoy a sparkling champagne toast around an open fire at your reception party. You can also use the Ice Bar to plan your castle cocktail.

Beautiful nature to accompany

When you choose the Ice Castle as your wedding venue, you are likely to enjoy the unique, bright and beautiful ambiance coupled with natural artifacts. This venue fits perfectly with your winter love.

You can plan a winter wedding at the Ice Castle and cherish your wedding day! You can then plan a small vacation to Finland and enjoy its beautiful nature.

You will get the rare opportunity to wear his and her wedding bands at such an extraordinary place. Besides, your guests will be startled to be a part of such a special wedding.

To make this moment all the more memorable you opt for candle lights.

They allow you to embrace the glistening dome of ice. Not only your guests but also you would marvel about the ice, snow, and sculptures created by the artists.

The snow and ice artwork and sculptures are exceptional such that you cannot get a glimpse of them anywhere in the world. But, you can have an entire wedding photo book consisting of this rare sight for the rest of your life.

Vibrant lights to boost your excitement

Have you noticed the light arrangements at any wedding? They have common yellow lights to enhance the look of the venue and perfect clicks!

But, at the Ice Castle, you get an opportunity to use the lights of your choice. You can choose the perfect combination of lights based on your dress and your wedding theme. You can assist the staff to do the needful arrangement.

You can ask them to make arrangements for live music and lights to create the perfect ambiance as per your wish. You can enjoy the perks of dressing up along with your bridesmaids.

The right combination of lights, music around the hand-carved artworks will allow you and your guests to glow. Request the staff to check the arrangements. This will eliminate the trouble of last-minute transportation and accommodation.

You can also ask the manager to make provision for fireworks after your wedding reception. If not this, then you can also enjoy a shooting star.

Pocket-friendly wedding

You will be surprised to know that an extraordinary winter wedding costs almost similar to the one at the Ice Castle. A lot of wedding planners offer customized wedding plans at exorbitantly high prices but are seldom worth the money.

Instead, planning your wedding at this spot will allow you to live your dream. Besides, it comes at an affordable cost. You get to enjoy the entertainment, a cocktail party, the wedding and the reception at your desired venue.

Often, when you opt for a countryside venue you have to pay additional costs for parking, entrance fees, photography, and many other expenses. However, at the Ice Castle, you get all of them under the same roof and at affordable prices.

Moreover, the staff is well experienced to manage destination weddings. You will enjoy and love each moment spent at this castle. You are going to cherish your wedding day and photos forever!


If you intend to live this dream, then you have to plan it well in advance. You will have to approach the Ice Castle staff so that they can save the venue for you as per your date. Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity of an exceptional wedding.

Enquire about the process and all the facilities so that you can make all the necessary arrangements for your D-Day.

Wish you a very happy married life!

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