We talk a lot about how companies operate globally and make this world a better place to work. However, while we talk about the private sector, we often forget the importance of the public sector in bridging the gap between different nations and in setting the norms for comfortable work. […]

If you notice abnormal coloring, thickening, or cracks on your nail, it is surely because you are suffering from nail fungus! However, you are not alone, because 20% of the French are affected. Unfortunately, this figure shows how common and contagious this condition is. However, once it is there, onychomycosis […]

The diamond rings that are available today come in a variety of designs and combinations. When it comes to rings, the metal that makes up the ring is as important as the design and the stones in the ring. The metal plays a crucial role in determining the overall get […]

So you say you’ve always wanted to open your own live entertainment event venue. A fun place for locals to come and enjoy the work of their own homegrown talents. One problem: you’re still wet behind the ears and you have no idea where to get started booking performers. Fret […]

5 tips to make a wedding go according to plan You will surely have heard it already; the big day will pass very (too) quickly! So to avoid additional stress, it is essential to anticipate the right timing of what your wedding day will be. So how do you ensure […]

The decision to adopt a dog requires good preparation, but also to ask the right questions. You’ve already found the right breeder/association, and when choosing a puppy, you’re wondering “Will I prefer a male or a female?”, or “Which sex will suit me best?”. Your questions are important, as the […]