Shaving cutters are used for finishing after processing with hob and shaper cutter in a limited volume of gear tooth surface. Shaving is still the most commonly used among the various methods of finishing gear teeth, especially when mass processing large batches since it offers the best cost/performance ratio. Gear […]

This is a question about PPC advertising that many people ask. “What, Exactly, Determines Your PPC Keyword Price?” Some people expect that Google or other search engines that you use have something to do with that. However, most experienced advertisers know that search engines don’t affect the keyword price.  The […]

Islam is not only a religion, it is a way of life. All the messengers of God from Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus, came with the same message, only worshiping one God. The word Muslim comes from the Arabic word Islam. One definition of Islam is to be submissive to […]

We’re glued to our smartphones all day long for obvious reasons; whether it is for work, communication, pictures, information, directions, for news, streaming, favourite shows and movies, hailing a cab, making a booking, or even ordering takeout. You name it, our smartphones have a role to play in every activity […]

You need a modern approach in operations when you are dealing with modern logistics solutions. A reliable solution can help you ship products or services from one location to another in the fastest possible manner. This is where shipbroking and ship chartering services help supply chain management companies and businesses […]

Cake is one of the most important parts of different ceremonies all over the world. A party is usually a cake. We all like to enjoy cakes on such occasions, don’t we? Sometimes we are surrounded with so many other things over so many days. Isn’t it? What do we […]

Christmas is a good time to catch up and spend with your loved ones. The special day is accustomed to sharing gifts as well. As a moment of sharing these happy times, it wouldn’t sound right without a cake. And one cake that will probably erase the bad moments of […]