Nickmercs Net Worth And Sources Of Income 2021

Nickmercs Net Worth And Sources Of Income 2021

Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff is not a very old streamer, although he is a new famous face in streaming his net worth is the highest of all streamers. The Nickmercs Net Worth is about $5 million. Heis currently the most popular streamer on the Twitch of call duty. In recent years, he won 3 MLG tournaments of Gears of War pro, which includes his success on the platform. Nickmercs lived a very luxurious life because of his net worth.

In previous years he had a net worth of about 4 million dollars but now it has been increasing continuously. Its income comes from unique sources such as its YouTube channel, Twitch subscribers, sponsorship, ad revenue, and merchandise sales. If you estimate the monthly earrings of this pro player, then you come to know that he is earning a handsome amount of $150,000-$200,000 per month. 

He has 60,000 subscribers on Twitch and 3.9 million followers. His videos overall get almost 40,000 views. Paid subscribers enabled Nickmercs to eat the revenue of almost 150,000 dollars. If you eliminate all the ad revenue and sponsorship, then he earns almost 2 million dollars yearly from just his subscribers. 

The YouTube channel of Nickmercs is also a source of earnings for him. He randomly posts shots and highlights on his channel and gets the attention of many viewers. Now his YouTube channel has almost 3.5 million subscribers. That is more than enough and is difficult to reach for a normal person. According to a count, he can earn almost 1000 dollars from each video on YouTube. 

LifeStyle Supported by Nickmercs Net Worth 2021

From the Nickmercs body and six-packs, you can assume that he is not only an online player, but he also maintains himself in his actual life. He randomly posts his pics in GYM that show he regularly works for his body maintenance. As far as the lifestyle of Nickmercs concerns, he is living a luxurious life. His dresses that we can see in his pics are of worthy importance. People not only follow him on Twitch but they also want to copy his lifestyle.

From his dressing style, we can estimate that he spends an extensive amount of money on his dresses. People love to follow his dressing sense. There is a lot of merchandise that sells his shirts, mugs, and other accessories. This not only includes the following of this player but it contributes a sizable amount to Nickmercs Net Worth. According to a survey, we found he earns less than 1 million dollars from the selling of his merchandise. 

LifeStyle Supported by Nickmercs Net Worth 2021

Nickmercs follow a perfect diet plan to maintain his health and body. He takes energy shakes regularly. He mostly consumes shakes with supplements for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. People on Instagram often ask him about his diet plans. People want to follow him completely because of his body and six-packs.  

House of Nickmercs that shows Nickmercs Net Worth

As far as the house of Nickmercs is concerned, he never revealed his house but everyone knows that he lives in an amazing house. A few weeks ago he posted a video on YouTube about his full house tour that shows the glory of his lifestyle. His house is just outstanding. He told his viewers that it is his dream house, he always wants to live in a house like that one, and he wishes his children can also live in this house. 

The most impressive thing in this house is that it has an in-built GYM so now Nickmercs don’t need to go out to do his workout. You can easily measure his attention to his health because of the presence of GYM in his house. This is a message from him. Although he spent a fast technical life and his profession is also that, he maintains his health in all the circumstances. So everyone who wants to follow his profession must also maintain his health. 

In his new house, he also designed a streaming cave for himself that is just amazing. His streaming setup is beyond the expectations of everyone. An average man can only dream of this setup. The Nickmercs Net Worth can only afford this house. The gaming area of his house resembles the space station and nightclub. It is a mixture of both. He spent almost 2 million dollars on his house. 

Cars of Nickmercs

According to the data, we came to know about the Twitch streamers that Twitch gave millions of dollars of cars to its streamers. The luxurious cars that Twitch offers include Lamborghini, Tesla models S & X, and Huracan Performante. Currently, we saw Nickmercs driving a Lamborghini. According to our resources, this car is from Twitch. We can see Nickmercs in different cars, which tells us he is fond of new cars. Nickmercs Net Worth supports his interests in cars. According to our estimation, he spent almost 1 million dollars on his different cars till now.

His black Mercedes-Benz AMG S 65 is the most favorite car of Nickmercs. It is probably a gift from Twitch but he has posted a video of buying a new car on YouTube as well. You can easily see in the pics that he has different cars at different times. His net worth allows him to buy new cars frequently.

Nickmercs Personal Life

Nickmercs Personal Life

As far as the personal life of Nickmercs, he kept it a secret to his viewers but because of frequent questions by his followers, he ended by revealing his Girlfriend Emumita Bonita. He said that they have been in a relationship for a long time. On 8 July 2019, he officially announced that he is now engaged with Emumita Bonita. But he never talks about his marriage. Once during the live streaming, he confirmed they are planning their marriage.

Some days before his marriage he said that it is a little headache to plan a marriage. He said that his girlfriend demands that he have to take a break from streaming if he has to marry him. That’s why Nickmercs go on a long weekend for his marriage ceremony. On the 10th of October 2020, they got married. Because of COVID-19, they arranged the marriage ceremony outdoors in the Brengman Brothers Winery in Traverse City, Michigan. Nickmercs said that he loved his wife the most, that he could do anything to make her happy.

Life History Of Nickmercs

On November 21, 1990, Nickmercs was born in Michigan. Nickmercs is not his real man, but he is more famous for this name. Nickmercs has two siblings. His father is a football coach, and he wanted Nickmercs to follow his path but he didn’t. Nickmercs completed his high school at a school in Grand Rapids. He has got his graduation degree from the University of Michigan. From the start, he was a talented basketball player. He has won many basketball tournaments for his University of Michigan. 

He started his career in Gears of Wars. he stepped into streaming in 2010 from Justin TV. His successful Gears of Wars helped him a lot to get famous in this field. He started making videos of call of duty and posted them on the YouTube channel he created in 2011. As a content creator, he also joined the Nadeshot Haag organization. 

When his squad succeeded in making a new world record in Fortnite with 54 for total kills, he got famous. His aggressive style of playing makes him unique for his viewers. From Fortnite prizes Nickmercs Net Worth almost  $130,000 till now. Now he has become one of the richest streamers in the world.

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