Parenting Tips: The Benefits of Using Name Labels for Kids in School

name labels for kids

Although sometimes very annoying, but it is common for children to lose their stuff at school. In addition, they are often confused between similar items and by mistake to bring home the goods to several other children.


It occurs mostly in the case of clothing. The list also includes pencils, lunch boxes, water bottles, etc. Once lost, the only solution is to buy a new one which means spending a couple of times for the same item.


One very wise way to avoid this is to use name labels for children’s items. The label name can be used for a variety of uses child items, including fabric.


• The main benefit of the label name is that they are useful not only in schools but also on several other occasions when the children themselves to take care of his / her belongings.

• Labels come in a variety of styles and sizes. Thus, children can customize his / her own label.

• The label name usually have plenty of room to put not only the child’s name but also the address or telephone number of the elderly, etc.

• The name of the label can be attached to an item in many ways and parents can choose according to their preferences label. They can sew on (for clothing), or ironed or even attached as stickers on school uniforms.

• Label remains good, even after many washes. It is quite understandable that stuff the kids will get dirty easily. That’s why the name of the label is so made that they remain intact even after the washing machine.

• Some of them, such as sewing on the label, easy to remove, in the case of items to be used by other children.

Name label is made of skin-friendly materials to avoid skin irritation or allergies among children.


Putting the name tag on the items in your child’s school, you teach them to find and use their own goods, among others – a very important aspect of social adaptability children.





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