What Materials Are Used in Floral Design Diamond Rings?

The Floral Design Diamond Rings that are available today come in a variety of designs and combinations. When it comes to rings, the metal that makes up the ring is as important as the design and the stones in the ring. The metal plays a crucial role in determining the overall get up of the ring and should be one that compliments the stones present in the ring design. In the past, people just had to choose between gold and silver as the metal setting for an engagement ring. But today, with so many alternatives available in the market, choosing the right metal setting that suits the ring design and stone can be quite confusing. So here’s a list of metals that you can choose for your diamond engagement ring, especially the ones with the popular floral design.


Platinum is a rare metal which is pure and more precious than gold. It is extremely dense and possesses the required strength to hold the diamond stone in place. The white color of this metal along with its cool luster provides an added brilliance to the diamond stone set in a floral design. It gives it that extra sparkle and shine which makes it eye catching and attractive. Hence, despite being an expensive metal, platinum is the preferred choice of metal band when it comes to diamond engagement rings in London.


Pure gold metal is extremely soft and pliable and hence to be used as metal setting needs to be mixed with other metals to gain strength. Depending upon the percentage of mixture of these metals, gold is available in various shades such as yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and green gold. When it comes to designer diamond rings, any type of gold can be chosen. However the shade of gold that looks best with diamonds is white gold because of its color. White gold has a cool undertone to it and is coated with rhodium to give it a shiny appearance and make it scratch resistant. If your partner likes warmer tones, then you can also opt for yellow gold which will make the diamond on your ring pop and more noticeable. Rose gold and green gold are romantic hues which are less commonly used but also pairs very well with floral diamond ring designs.


Palladium is one of the most precious metals known to man. It is rare, lightweight and naturally white in color. It is highly durable and scratch resistant, and its light white color compliments the diamond stone in any ring design wonderfully. However, it is not the most popular metal for diamond engagement rings owing to it high price. It is exclusively use to make engagement rings and wedding bands by those who can afford it.

Tungsten Carbide

This metal is made by combining the properties of carbon and tungsten and hence the name tungsten carbide. This metal is extremely hard, scratch resistance with a bright and sparkly sheen. These properties make it one of the most popular choices for the metal band of diamond ring with a floral design. Not only does it adds to the beauty of the diamond but is also indicated for everyday use.


Apart from the above mentioned metals silver can also be used with diamonds but is generally not the preferred metal since it gets scratched easily and required frequent re polishing. Titanium, on the other hand is emerging as a great alternative to palladium, especially when it comes to men’s’ rings because it is strong and can withstand rough use. The hatton gardens engagement rings collection has a variety of diamond rings in all these metals and one can head to that place to make a choice.


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