Male vs Female French Bulldog

Male vs Female French Bulldog

The decision to adopt a dog requires good preparation but also asking the right questions. You’ve already found the right breeder/association, and when choosing a puppy, you’re wondering “Will I prefer a male vs female french Bulldog?”, or “Which sex will suit me best?”. Your questions are important, as the sex of a dog often influences its behavior with others. Character, pros, and cons, we’ll help you see it a little clearer. 

When you already own an animal, and especially if it is another dog, the question of sex poses much more. If you already have an unsterilized male, adopting another male could create a lot of territory conflicts. On the other hand, the adoption of a female could lead to pregnancy. If you have an unsterilized female, and you adopt another female, there too, a conflict could arise, especially for your attention, moreover if both are not sterilized, it will be twice as much monitoring for you during the heat.

Male vs Female French Bulldog- What is the difference?

If you adopt a male, then again, pregnancy worries may arise. Of course, even if your pet is already sterilized, conflicts and other problems could emerge. When you are looking at male vs female French Bulldog, the best thing will be to pay attention to your pet, maybe your scoundrel seems more comfortable with only females during his walks? Or maybe he prefers to have fun with the males? As was said, each animal is different, and there is no indication that your pet will feel more comfortable with a same-sex congener. Maybe he won’t have any preference.

The Male

Male French Bulldog

  • To look at the male vs female French Bulldog. Is larger and larger physically so more prone to respiratory problems.
  • Stops peeing on every street corner (to mark its territory).
  • Is more runaway than a dog and slightly disobedient to the smells of females or other dominant males.
  • Can make some embarrassing advances to your guests, if not neutered… If you know what I mean…
  • Is going to be sharper, more demanding of EVERYTHING (food, outings, games, etc. in short, attention!). It is less independent than a female, that’s for sure!
  • Maybe, because his behavior is always 100%, less attentive, more turbulent, and clumsier. This can make his training more complicated.
  • Can make paid protruding. That is to say, make it mate with a female. If it is a pure breed, it will earn you about the price of a puppy LOF (between 1500 and 2,000 euros). For male vs female French bulldog types” (non-LOF), this ranges from 100 to 500 euros.
  • However, these characteristics can also be an advantage for some, as male French bulldogs are always ready to play. And that can be more if, for example, you have a slightly hyper-active child who just wants to have someone who’s there to go play ball.
  • The same goes for people who don’t like to be denied a hug. A male will never disappoint you while a female does not always want and will let you know.


The Female

Female French Bulldog

  • Is slenderer and therefore less exposed to respiratory problems. It snores less loudly than a male.
  • Pees only once or twice a ride. But beware, in places well-chosen by Madame! It may well take 5 minutes before she finds the “perfect place”!
  • If we are discussed male vs female French Bulldog then is concerned with female heat periods twice a year and for 3 weeks! This is to be considered because if you do not want to have her sterilized, you will have to make her wear a little pantie to protect your interior from more or less abundant blood loss (and it’s difficult, believe me!). Even if there are panties suitable for French bulldogs, it’s an ost impossible mission to keep your apartment clean for 1 day! I will talk about this topic in more depth in another article, but in any case, it is the big binding point of the females! (Meanwhile for the owners of a female bulldog, tell me in the comments if you have any techniques to protect your interior?)
  • Is, character level, more independent, attentive, and focused. This makes it easier to train and can be a real advantage if you have young children for example, or if you are completely new to canine education.
  • As we are looking at male vs female French Bulldog. May have small ones, which you can then resell. But beware, this also represents and above all big constraints: having about 8 puppies that do their needs in your home for 3 months and are not yet educated (because they stay 3 months weaning with their mother, and do not really understand the cleanliness before these 3 months.


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